Weight I have lost

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Another run checked off on my plan!

3 miles.  I wasn't happy at all last night. McM ate my wedding shoes. Yes, I only wore them for an hour (almost 8 years ago) before I put on Guinness slippers for the rest of the day. But still. I might have worn them again (iroll).  No, it was the sentiment, and I was pissed. Not to mention he got them from the center of the dining room table. And the fact we have no picture frames left in our house.

I also finally remembered to get some tie wraps. So McM got put in the crate and the crate got tie wrapped.  Oh I was mad!

So I got dressed and went to the gym for a nice 3 mile run.  The more I walked on my warm-up, the madder I became.  A lot of it was at myself...I don't like feeling this way about something/one that can't understand why I'm upset. 

I started at 4.7 mph and decided after 5 minutes I would go to 5.2, and go down every 5 minutes.  Except after 5 minutes at 5.2, I decided to go another minute. And then 4 more.  Oh, let's make it a full mile (11:32 minutes).  You are already into that 5, so just finish it.  Oh what's another 5 minutes.  After 25 minutes at 5.2 (so 30 total), I finally brought the speed down to 5.0 and ran for a few minutes.  Then to 4.8 when I finally got to 3 miles.  When I looked at my time, I nearly fell off the non-moving treadmill.  35:34.  I don't think I've ever run that fast.

I followed up with a .5 mile cooldown, and then my stretches/PT exercises.

When I came home, D said that McM hadn't escaped the crate (D left after me, and got home before me from his run). McM was so happy to see me.  I know he doesn't mean to piss me off. He is just getting really good at it.

Today, D and I weighed in.  We both had losses.  When I tallied them up, we have a combined total of 102 pounds.  This astonishes me on so many levels.  Wow, that we were able to do it. Wow, that we let ourselves go that we had to do it. Wow, just in general.

And I finally am able to say, " I lost 37 pounds and then gained it back," instead of "I lost 37 pounds and then gained it back plus 34+ more pounds."


GeorgiaSnail said...

That is awesome progress on the treadmill & scale.

Our motto is relentless forward progress. We are making small, permanent changes in our lives that will lead to an overall healthier outlook.

Rock on!

Julie said...

Congrats on the run and the weight loss!!!!

But I have to ask...why were shoes that you haven't worn in 8 years in the middle of your table?

RockStarTri said...

Wow, lots of good stuff in this post. Tmill is always slower than real life for me. Well done!

Delane said...

your doing great!!! you go girl!! :-))))