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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Managed 5 miles

So I still have the cold from hell.  Yesterday, I told the cold it was going to have to go away, for at least 2 hours while I went to run.  It seemed like it  might cooperate.

I started my journey to the gym (from work) with a major road shut down, or so the signs said.  I called D to tell him that I wasn't sure I would make it to the gym, but got side-tracked when we realized we had nothing pulled for dinner.  Hung up and tried to figure that out. Since we were having fish, and we buy frozen fish, the fish at the store would be just as frozen as the ones in our freezer.  So that wouldn't work.  I guess we could microwave defrost it.  That would have to do.

Then talking to my friend J about what keg he should buy.  Being that I can barely taste a jalapeno right now, what beer he should get wasn't top on my list.  I tried to be attentive and helpful.  The one he wanted, I don't like (Duck Rabbit Milk Stout...I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like it). But I told him he should get that anyway. When I stop by on Saturday, if I don't like it, I'll run to the store and get something I do like.

I finally got to the gym.  As I warmed up, I noticed my HR was high for a walk (121).  Usually it is 110.  I still wasn't sure if I was going to run 5 or 3 miles.  I did decide I would forgo my 9 minute run/1 walk, and change to a 4/1 deal.  This did prove helpful.  And for the first 35 minutes I did run faster than usual.  Although at that 4 minute mark, I was done each time.  I still felt decent at 40 minutes so I kept going for the 5 miles.  I got up to 55 minutes and my HR was at 196.  So I walked for 2 minutes to get it to 160.  Weird thing is I didn't feel it.  I slowed down the rest of the running, and finished up my 5 miles at 66 minutes. 

D was there.  I finished my walk, and then went hi and do my stretches.  We agreed to go to Willy's for dinner.  I did my stretches and realized I wasn't really hungry.  Like popcorn would suffice. I waited for him to finish and he agreed.

In other news McMenamin is Houdini.  Even though we have puppy-proofed up to 4 feet high, we have grown a little tired of coming home to this every day:

The McMenamin Party

So I put him in the crate yesterday morning.  When I talked to D at the gym, he asked if I had crated McM.  Yes.  Why?  Because he got out of the crate.  When we got home, I looked at the crate.  It was against the wall, where I left it.  The bed was straight and his toy was there.  The bottom latch was still latched.  We have no clue how he got the top latch undone and how he got out of the little area.  We will be puppy-proofing to 9 feet high. 

But how can you be mad at this?

McMenamin- One ear is always up, one is always down


Teamarcia said...

Ooooh what a naughty but oh so cute Houdini dog! Hope your cold subsides soon.

Nitmos said...

I find cold's disappear during a nice long run but then come back with a vengeance once you stop.

That dog - like its ears - seems conflicted.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I could never be mad a dog with one upright ear and one floppy ear. Best dogs ever!!

Krystal said...

So funny about your dog. We also crate our dogs... Molly has pulled an entire down comforter into her crate with her (of course it ripped and there were feathers everywhere). She has also broken out of her crate when I know that I had latched both. One more for you.. She can lock and unlock our front door. We now have to take our keys with us when we go outside. Ridiculous dogs!

Tammy said...

Such a sweet face, I don't know how you could be mad at that. :p

My friend's dog also gets out of her crate somehow, he's lucky the only thing she does is run around and sleep on the furniture she's not allowed on.

Anne said...

I didn't notice you having any problems drinking the Duck Stout beer :). Mcmanemeninin (whatever) certainly must be happy he got you guys as parents. Anyone else would kill him.