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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One more 5 Miler

So while talking about having 2 more 5 mile runs to do until April 30th, I got more and more frustrated with having to run last night.  The more I thought about running on the TM, the more I didn't want to do it.  I thuoght about running on the track. I would do that. But then I didn't know if the Boot Camp Nazis were going to be there.  (I hate our local BC...they put their shit all over the track and act like they own the place. It really makes a run non-enjoyable).  Not to mention 20 laps in a circle.

So I put on my shoes and went through the hood.  I was a little apprehensive going so late in the day. The sun was setting and a bit blinding.  I didn't want to be out when the sun got behind the trees. I didn't know who was going to be out, etc.  I went anyway.  Nothing exiting about the run, but I got my 2nd to last 5 miler done!!!!

Compression shorts
I don't recommend the CW-X Performance Shorts for piriformis/bursitis issues.  The material is just too thin, compared to their Stabilyx line.  Honest to God, Spanx is more supportive/commpressive.  I still recommend the Stabilyx Capris.  This may be why they are so much more priced than the Performance Line. 

Bursitis and Piriformis
Someone (Kendra?) asked about how I overcame my hip injury (I have bursitis/piriformis).  In truth, I haven't.  But things I did to minimize the pain:
  • Went to the Doctor and got the hip X-rayed.
  • Took lots of Aleve
  • Switched to Advil against Doctor's advice because new job and stomach/intestinal issues don't mix
  • Went to Physical Therapy for as long as insurance allowed
  • Did all the exercises the PT told me to do at least 4 of the 7 days each week she told me to do them
  • Went back to the Doctor to tell him to give me a shot
  • Got the shot
  • Got new X-rays that showed my hips were uneven, so got a lift (insert) for one shoe.
  • Still did PT exercises
  • Started running when PT said I could for as long as she said I could
  • Still did PT exercises
  • Looked online for Compression Pants specific to hips and lower back (Zoot and CW-X). Chose CW-X because the chart (I was 10 pounds outside the size chart...they still fit).
  • Try my best to listen to my body while running and slow down or stop accordingly
  • Don't listen to my friends who tell me I will hurt myself running, when it hurts more to sit on the couch doing nothing
  • Continue (albeit slowly) to lose weight
  • Do PT exercises when I finish running
  • Accept that I will most likely need a hip replacement at age 60. 

I should have also been lifting weights this whole time, but that didn't happen.


GeorgiaSnail said...

Way to HTFU and get that run in! sometimes the best runs turn out to be the one's that I didn't want to do from the start!

kendra said...

Thanks, this is helpful. I have bursitis/tendinitis. (Had piriformis issues a few years ago - only thing that really helped was lots of stretching!). What PT exercises did/do you do? I went to PT only three times because it made it hurt more.