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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Race for the Cure 5K

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So D and I got up this morning. 6:30am. We got dressed and left to my *favorite* place...Atlantic Station. It once again proved to disgust me. We couldn't get from the parking to street level. We ended up walking forever and finally found a stairwell that wasn't locked.

There were a lot of people. We ended up going to the finish line and talking to Thornygirl. We helped her break her camera, after she took a picture of us (she dropped the camera, but only had it out because I asked her to take a picture). We felt bad, so we left.

We ended back up on street level, and somehow ended up walking part of the 1mile Survivor Walk. We realized that and got off the course.

At 8:30 we lined up. We saw my friend Kara. As usual she was looking cute. However, every pet peeve that runners listed the other day on Marcy's page came into my head. Hand holding, strollers, walkers in front, etc. So I tried to focus on the purpose of the race. The race finally started.

D had hurt his knee so he didn't know if he was running or walking. He did the Guinness-Prance at my pace. We dodged around lots of people across the 17th Street Bridge. Onto Spring. I thought there was a hill. Cross 14th. Aha the Hill! Still was passing people. Started coming down the hill and smelled bacon. I probably slowed for this. Anyway we got to 10th Street and turned. Left onto W Peachtree. Back up a hill, and then down the hill. Thornygirl passed us and cheered us. D was having trouble at my pace so I told him to go ahead. He didn't. Finally back to 17th street. I don't remember running down the hill from the bridge, so I was surprised to see a hill to run up. D left me there. I was suprised he stayed with me as long as he did. I crossed the Start Line which was also the 2.1 mile at 29 minutes. The rest of the course was flat. I really wanted to walk.

Every time I thought about walking (it overcame my thoughts), I thought of Dawn. I have no idea what chemo feels like, but I'm sure 2/3 of the way there, she wants it to stop. So I kept going. I finally reached the turnaround and saw D and waved. He didn't see me. I picked up my pace until I got to State (I think). Then I went into some sort of funk. The quick turn on 19th brought me out of it, and then it was downhill to the finish. The time said 43 something, but my timer (when I turned it on as crossing the Start Line) was 42:51. Although it is over a minute off my PR, I feel proud. Last year, this was the first 5K I ever ran, and I ran it at 49 minutes. So this year, 18 pounds lighter, I got 6 minutes quicker.

Leaving, we got lost in the parking lot, and found our car, but couldn't get to it because there was a big construction site between us and the car. We found a hole in the gate and cut through. Else, we would probably still be in the parking lot.

D and I raised over $400 for SGK, and so all is good.
Right now I'm going to take a nap, and then have some beers.

Time: 42:51
Mileage 3.1 (13:49 min/mile)
Calories: 766
Max HR: 190
Avg HR: 159
In Zone 6:12

Good luck to Yas on her SGK Race today. Good luck to Viv on her Tri tomorrow!


DoriAnn said...

Awesome job! Way to keep going and breaking last year's time.

Tammy said...

Great job!

Viv said...

Nice report, Al. Way to hustle it in. Look at your accomplishments from last year. I am sure next year you will blow this one out. WTG!

Greg said...

Congrats on an awesome run, AL!

You're not the only who is justly proud. Dawn sure has one awesome SIL! Great job on the time - what a difference an awesome year makes!

The Young Family said...

6 minutes and 18 pounds lighter! That is awesome!

I often think of how fast I will be when I lose the nest 30!! lightening fast I hope.

Congrats on your race.


Yasmin said...

I thought about you whilst I was racing, Al. Look at you with your beating last year's record.

Awesome! (did you have 2 sets of perky cheerleaders at your 5K or are you just supah jealous of my experience?)

Marcy said...

WHOOO HOOOOO!! Congrats chica!! ;D ;D 6 minutes off the old PR is incredible! ;D ;D