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Monday, August 27, 2007

The 5K Sucketh

OK. Got up at 6:30 to take a shower. I'm not sure what that was about, but I felt the need to shave my legs. Plus I was excited.

Opened the door for the dogs and it was a sauna out there. Steamy 75. Dang!

D and I finished getting ready and drove to J and A's house. A was running with us.

She took some pics of my face for me to compare from last race. So we walked from their house to the race.

We get there and they give us everything.
US: Can't we get it after?

Them:No, because if you pre-registered we want to
make sure you get your shirt.
US: Ok... XXL.
THEM: Oh we don't have XXL.
US: Ok, XL,
Them: we don't have those either.
US: Give me the largest size you have.
Now we are registered.

D put all our stuff under a tree, so we wouldn't have to run with it. A was nervous and talking and D was looking at all the ugly runners. I started looking around and realized there was going to be a problem. I was the heaviest
there by 40 pounds. All these people were runners. Even heavy set women, had the thin runners legs.

OK, stop Al, you're fine.

They said some stuff I couldn't hear, and we were off. Most people passed me, not a big deal. First mile done.

Second Mile started with a hill. I run hills, I'll just take it slow.

Clod, click, clod, click...WTF is that? A 1-legged runner is passing me. OK, she is probably an Olympian and used to this...yes, that's it. D later said she could go faster because she was missing the extra weight...thanks Hon!

Out on the main road. 2 MARTA busses...I thought they ran on Natural Gas. cough, cough... how is that truck in Atlanta with all those fumes. Now I can't breathe. Here is mile 2. I can't breathe. I have no clue what volunteer is telling me. I can't breathe.

Brain1: OK if I walk, life will be good. I can't breathe.
Brain2: You're weak if you walk!
Brain1: Shut up! OK, if I' don't walk, I'm going to die.

So I walked to the hill. Then I ran down it. Who is this...Granny is passing me? Geez I am slow.

I thought we finished on a downhill, where did this hill come from? I can run it.

Lady walking passes me...oh no you aren't passing me. Get to the top of the hill and see the finish. 44 minutes. That is horrible. Walker woman you aren't passing me again. There is D, I love him. There is A, J and C. They are great.

I crossed at 45:23.
I had to immediately fill something out. I was a bit disoriented. A gave me some water. I drank that and went to get some more. There wasn't any. I got some gatorade...one of the last. And had a banana.

Sweat everywhere. I think J took a picture.

We walked back to A&J's house, A knew I was disappointed with
my time. She reminded me that I hadn't been able to run a mile
last year oreven in February. D pointed out from my
hills training last weekend I was on point.

We going back to their house. I looked at my HRM. I had burned 1100 calories.
Thats 4 beers to drink with no guilt.

All is right in the world again.

But the dang T-shirt doesn't fit!

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