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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Romp and Stomp 5K

Romp and Stomp today! So this is the first 5K I have run since January. And the first race I've run since the half-marathon in April. And the first race post physical therapy.

All week I've been worried about running it because my hip/ass hurt (thank you insurance company for deciding the doctor and physical therapist didn't know what they were talking about and going against their orders, canceling all further appointments...iroll).

This morning D and I woke up. My ass hurt and it was cold. I stretched out the muscles and got up. A little sad...Porter died a year ago today, and we are coming to the conclusion we will be doing the same with Guinness sooner than later. Anyway, we got dressed. It was 34 degrees. What to wear...a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and running pants. Hmmm do I have a hat? D found it. Got my knee brace, and Garmin and music. A was outside waiting for us, and off we were. We parked .33 miles away from the start and walked over. It really wasn't that cold.

Porter in my hat, 2008

Since we got our race packets yesterday, there was nothing to do but wait for 20 minutes. Of course A found a zillion people she knew (maybe really only 2). They said there was 10 minutes so we headed to the start. True Atlanta form, we had chips but no race start mat, so again, glad for the Garmin. We were talking and then all of a sudden everyone started running. I guess the race started. Turned on the music, the HRM, and hit start on the Garmin when I got to the start line.

D was off. I paced A for about .7 miles, and then she decided she wanted to run faster (no, I wasn't running next to her to find this out, her feet just started going faster). I noticed I was having trouble breathing (cold air in the lungs).

This is a flat course by ATL standards...lots of little fast hills. I passed part of where the Beltline is going (I'll be dead before this project happens). Also passed the coffee shop that allows dogs as long as they aren't Rotts or Pitts (either allow all or none, imo). Apparently my friend was by there volunteering, but since I run with my head down, I didn't see. I hit 1 mile. 12:36. Um that can't be right. I am not moving that fast. But ok. But shit! My Garmin was on bike status so no pacing info. Oh well, I'll survive.

I passed Old Man. I recognized him from the last time I ran the Romp and Stomp. I couldn't pass him last time and I was running and he was walking. Go me! I passed him. Most of this mile was in the "residential" area. If you are familiar with Cabbagetown, you know the houses basically touch each other and walking distance to the mill (now those houses are a good bit of money and the mill is condos...where the tornado hit in 2008). So winding up and down 2 streets (2nd mile 13:09), and then up past my favorite bar, Milltown. I was all by myself (since the people who jumped in the race, aka cheating, had passed me). I was pretty sure the old man and the police were the only ones behind me. I was by no one. Up to the Krog Street Tunnel (awesome flooded pics during the floods of 2009). Garmin didn't like the tunnel. I started it at mile 2.57 and finished at 2.87. This tunnel out and back is NOT .3 miles. But apparently it isn't much shorter. So out of the tunnel, and my ass was hurting. I thought if I stopped (I was on a hill) I wouldn't restart. I wasn't sure where the finish was, because the course had changed, so I kept going. My watch beeped mile 3. It said 12:02. Um, no f-ing way. I could actually see the mile 3 marker, so I decided to go with that. Although I forgot to look when I got there. I turned again and saw D! That means the finish is near!!!!

Sure enough I could see the finish. I really had no kick because the cold was hurting my lungs. D ran the end with me. I crossed at 40:18. This is my 2nd best time. Garmin said 3.18 miles.

I met up with A. D had gotten a PR, and A was content with her run. They both were excited I ran the whole thing. I think a little more than me, since I was a bit disappointed with my time. I sat on a stone wall (icing my ass), and then we left. While walking back to the car, I started thinking...I ran 3 miles for the first time since August. I ran the whole thing. What do I have to be disappointed about? So I decided I like my time. I relaxed for the most part while running, and felt ok. How can I fault that? Go me!


Unknown said...

i agree, you ran three point one miles, nothing to be disappointed about! congrats!

timeformetofly said...

Awesome job... nothing to be disappointed about IMHO!

Julie said...

You have nothing to be disappointed about! You ran despite have a pain in the a$$ and you finished. Nothing at all to be disappointed about.

jmac713 said...

Yea Alb!

EricaH said...

Great job.

Nitmos said...

Good job! Second best time ever too? Way to go.

Delane said...