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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Run with the Dogs 5K, 2011

So today was Run with the Dogs 5K, benefitting the Decatur HS Bulldogs Boosters (I think).
A and I have run this 2 years in a row, and D ran it last year. The course has never been the same. This year was no different...new course.

D and I got up at 7 and did the whole dog thing. Actually he did the dog thing while I struggled but ever so gracefully got my new compression capris on (CW-X insulated capris). After finding my shirts (it was 34 degrees) on the guest bed (I'm redoing my closet rods to get more room so the closet is destroyed at the moment), we were ready. Scuttlebutt was coming along for the ride so he could go to daycare which is about 1 mile away from the run. At 745 we picked up A.

At 830, SB was dropped off and we picked up our registration packets at the school. From 830-850, I debated taking off my top layer. Every time I thought of running back to the car a gust of wind would come. So I kept it on. At 855 they announced they had run out of T-shirts and what you could do (you could have pre-registered and not gotten there at 855.) At 857, I turned on my iPod and put in my pocket that was getting zippered because it had my keys in it. At 858 we walked to the start line. There were 6 whole people there. Even the race director was a little like, "Will they STFU about T-shirts and get their asses up here." Well, I think I said that outloud and everyone agreed.

Finally they got everyone up to the start and we were off. Started up a hill and a quick turn. Immediately passed a 1 mile marker. Uh oh...we are looping. We looped up a hill and back down to the HS, and then back up that hill. I hope it wasn't 3 loops. It wasn't. Dogs were everywhere, and most people were picking up after them, but of course some were not, so there was a lot of looking down. Although I run looking down anyway. So I got to mile 1 at 13 minutes. Ok not fast but this course is up down up down and not flat.

So now I was starting to pick off walkers/runners/dogs. There was one couple that only ran on the downhills, and so they were constantly catching up to me. We looped through an unremarkable neighborhood, and back out onto Dekalb Ave. Now to a more established neighborhood on Adair (2 miles was 26:30). Still up down.

My throat was dry. Those people with the dog were still with me. Park...wow lots of cheaters cutting through the park. Seriously? At 26+ on 2 miles, you are going to cheat. Not like you will place. Turned onto Ponce and then onto Trinity. Downhill finally. God, it is hot. I should take off my gloves. Oh shade, glad I didn't take off my gloves.

There's the final turn. Damn, no, not even close. I have to run up that hill. Is my hip hurting? Are these pants working? Damn sun. Police Station. Waved to the cops, and thanked them for being out (there were a lot). Damn that couple. Steeper part of the hill. There is the turn, really. I see D! I'm going to vomit. Don't vomit, don't vomit. Ok...now turn. Don't let those people pass you on the down hill. You can see the finish, Al. Long strides. Keep swallowing. Long strides. Shut up, inner voice! I want to go to slow down. Al, don't let that clock flip to 41 minutes. Al, you hear those people behind you. PICK.IT.UP! Crossed finally. 40:52!

I crossed, I felt pretty good. Run was faster than all my recent TM runs which are flat.. I didn't feel that sore and walking, I had no soreness. We grabbed some bananas and water. D didn't PR. Said his shoes came untied twice. Else, I think he would have. A came in at 36:10. She seemed happy with that.

And we scored the puppies new scarves! (pics will be coming of course!)

Update: This was also my virtual race for Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K, that I forgot I signed up until reading all the blogs I follow.


Delane said...

Great Job!

Tammy said...

Great job!

I ran a race with my parents and their friends last year. It was an out-and-back and my mom's friend turned around early and finished with mom. She probably wouldn't have finished if she didn't cheat. To each her own. She was last in her age group, so it didn't cause any problems, I suppose.

Aka Alice said...

Probably a good race to be looking down (I laughed at that part).

Do you have snow yet?

The Boring Runner said...

Sorry that I am just now getting to comment on this...

HA! Well, I'm glad that you checked up on your blogs. Nice work out there!