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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The 5K I Want to Hate, but Can't

So Saturday was the Polar Bear 5K. It is in a 'burb of Atlanta, so I always grumble about this (having to drive so far). But I PR'd at this race in 2010, so we do it.

Friday, D and I went to bed early. Just really tired from the week.

A picked us up at 7 for an 8:30 race. We got there at 745. Amazingly we all knew how to get there, but yet none of us could remember all the directions. Luckily with 3 minds, we each knew a part (I knew how to get out of our neighborhood... I'm good like that). As always, we commented that this section of the 'burb looks like every other 'burb, except for the church.
Moes-check, garage-check
Strip mall that is half empty-check.

We got to the church...or should I say MegaGod facility. While checking in, we looked at the gym. It is bigger than it was last year. It has an indoor track and 3 basketball courts. D informed us the gym is bigger than Oglethorpe University's gym. So we got our T-shirts (3rd year in a row it doesn't fit...doesn't account for my breasts) and walked back to the car and then went back into the church to wait. We found the coffee shop (Starbuck's wannabe), book store and library in the church. My God! We found the course was the same as 2 years ago on one of the many megatrons. So it is a loop and a half around the church. I'm not a fan of the more than 1 loop race, so yet another ding to the race. D however likes loops.

We saw our friends DS and L. We talked to them prior to the race. At 820 we went out to the start. Like all prior Polar Bear 5Ks, it is chipped, but with no starting mat. So I fail to see the point of chip timing. DS started laughing that A, D and I all plugged in. He didn't realize none of us ran together, which made me laugh because he and L don't run together either.

So after a prayer which we all talked through (I didn't hear the prayer, except for an Amen), the race started. About 1500 people...they did close off the road so I ran on the outside lane. Lots of people. Weirdness ensued because I passed a lot of people (it was 28 degrees outside...what slow person shows up for these things)? Oh! I see A. I'm staying with her. I really need to take Liz Phair off my play list. And Foo Fighters. I'm tired of them. A...where did she go? Holy cow, I'm already on the first turn. Here is the "hill." Wait? I think this is a hill? Am I smoking? This is an incline. I believe that is L. How did she get behind me? She is faster. That's probably not her. Got to the top and turned. Saw a restaurant someone was talking about a few weeks ago...it looked closed. Of course it might be closed since it is not even 9AM.

There's the 1 mile marker. My Garmin is on target. He calls out 12 something. My watch says 11:58. My watch must be broken. I don't run miles under 13 minutes, let alone under 12. I'm still passing people. Passing the church's playing fields...no, the church doesn't house a school in it. What is that noise? A cop is telling me I have to run in the other lane? Why? The cones are on both sides. OMG, the first person is coming in. Well I guess it is nice that I get to see the winner.

Up the next "hill." This is more of the incline on the road when you turn on one road from another. Still passing people. Wondering how fast some of the walkers went out, because I'm passing a lot. I pass a lady in red, and then we went down an incline. I guess she didn't want to be passed by a fat chick, because she started running, until she got to an incline. We passed the church. Back to the playing fields, and 2 miles. 24:30. OK, I'm getting faster (note: math isn't my strong suit at this point). Red is still playing games with me. We turn. Oh I didn't see the Longhorn on the first lap. I see a cop stop the runners to let a car out of a parking lot. Oh! I'm going to be run over, if he does that while I'm there. I'm not stopping. Already to the next turn.

Al, you are really running slowly. You should pick it up. God damn it, Red! You are annoying me. I'm really feeling tired. Maybe I should walk. Al, walk? You didn't walk on the tread mill. Pass the 1 mile marker again. I need to get my car emissionized. Why, Al, are you thinking about your car and emissions? Less than .4 to run. The biggest hill to go up. Catch up to Red, Al. With as much energy as I could muster, I ran and passed Red. I saw D. He looked confused. Down the hill, and Red passes me. Are you going to let her do that, Al? No. At the final turn, I cut the corner cutting her off. I decided to finish this race and ran all I could to the finish. I crossed the mats and hit stop. That's when I saw it. 37:52. 37, people. 37!!!! A new PR.

I was so excited. I found D and DS. D had been confused, because A had just passed about 2 minutes prior to me, so D wasn't expecting me. He PR'd too. He had passed DS right at the end. I don't know how L did in terms of PR'ing, and A was happy with her race. Because of the cold, L and DS left. A, D and I went and got another banana, and another water. Then we went home.

Guess where I'll be next year...still bitching. But going for another PR.

Mile 1: 11:58
Mile 2: 12:31
Mile 3: 12:30
Total 5K: 37:52


RockStarTri said...

Great job. PRs always make it a great race!

Julie said...

Woo Hoo for the PR! great race report! The race you love to hate! :)

Georgia Snail said...

Great job rocking the PR!

I can't believe the cop stopped the runners to let a car out...

Delane said...

AWESOME JOB!!!! So proud of ya!

The Enthusiast said...

Sweet! I love when you do well without even realizing that you're doing it. :-D

The Boring Runner said...

That is aweseome!!!! Driving far for a race is totally worth a PR every time.

I would have tried to run around the cop or something, that is NUTS

Anne said...

You did Awesome Allison! A however did not PR, but it's ok, she feels great for Al!!