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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon

So D and I trained all summer for this.  Well, we would like to think we did.  In actuality, training in the summer sucks ass.  It is hot and humid, and right when it got cool, Georgia Tech football started which meant getting up even earlier to run to get in 2 hours of tailgating prior to game time.

So, we flew up to Boston, and our friends E and A hosted us.  I went to college with E.  On Saturday, we went to Meadhall which D and I thought was called Meathall.  We split a Reuben and had Coffee Porter.  On Saturday night, they invited more college buddies over, J and E, and N and K along with their kids.  I had never met J/E's children and I hadn't seen N/K's son since he was 2.  We ate pizza, drank beer (E brews a really nice Nut Brown and a good Oatmeal Stout) and watched football.  I felt back in college except I had to go to bed at 10PM...which was the time everyone left.  It was very good to see them all.

Sunday, E and A drove me and D to Hampton, NH.  It was 50 degrees and raining.  We tried to pretend it would lighten up as we got closer.  We got to Hampton and parked.  It was pouring.  E and A stayed in the car and D and I went to get our numbers and shirts.  It was not only cold and wet, it was windy.  We got back to the car and sat there for about 45 minutes.  Finally D and I decided to get out and "get used" to the weather.  E and A said to call them if we changed our minds and wanted them to come back and get us.  (They went to ME and visited A's mom and then went shopping).  D and I stood under an overhang and discussed not running.  It seemed a decent idea. Then it didn't. Then it did. Then it didn't.  Finally the rain let up and only went straight down as opposed to sideways.  Everyone gave D dirty looks. Apparently they don't like you wearing a Capitals running shirt despite the fact the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.  Good thing I didn't wear an Orioles shirt since 2 days before, the O's prevented the Red Sox from going to post-season.

D and I pre-race

At 8:55 we walked to the start line. There was no corrals.  Some words were said.  Then we were off.  D and I said bye and started running.  Pretty much it felt everyone passed me (I started in the middle of the pack).  We ran down a street, turned and then ran along the ocean.  The wind picked up.  It blew me both ways.  My iPod cord was crazy.  The rain picked up. I thought about if I hit the road wrong and slipped.  I decided not to think about that. 9 minutes passed, and couldn't stop because another wave of people passed me.  I finally was able to walk at minute 11.
Mile 1-12:27 (KY Derby 2011 12:29|2010 13:38)

Mile 2 continued along the ocean and then turned and you were still by the ocean. I was a little confused.  One of my new My Chemical Romance songs came on and I decided to replay it, which meant I had to take the iPod out. When I put it back in my pants (I have no pockets), it didn't go right. So then I had to readjust and the headphone plug fell out.  So I reached and got the iPod, and carried it.  But the song was good.  I readjusted when I got to the next walk break.
Mile 2-12:40 (KY Derby 2011 13:13|2010 13:44)

Mile 3 I had some water. Immediately I thought I was going to puke.  We turned into Hampton, and I thought it might be rude to vomit on someone's lawn.  Despite the weather, there were a lot of people out cheering every one on.
Mile 3-12:29 (KY Derby 2011 13:21|2010 14:49)

Mile 4 was through some bigger houses.  Some people were out with water. Again, immediately wanted to puke when I drank.  I decided not to have any more water.  People were out cheering us on. One lady had 2 spatulas banging them together.  The fact I was so far in the back and the people were still out in the weather was great.  We turned onto some main road.
Mile 4-13:11 (KY Derby 2011 13:32|2010 14:11)

Mile 5 was weird.  None of the roads were closed, but this one seemed more traveled. I tried to stay on the side of the road, but I kept passing people.  I wondered what was wrong with them. I don't pass people.   I got to a water stop, and had some Gatorade.  No vomit issues.  Mile 5-12:44 (KY Derby 2011 13:20|2010 13:55)

I don't really remember Miles 6-8.  Lots of trees and windy roads.  I thought I was going to fast.  2 hours hadn't even passed when I got to mile 8. I did eat my granola bar in this stretch.  I was on a main road. There were large parcels of green land.  Being I live in drought land, I hadn't seen that much grass in some time.  Sometime during Mile 7 a woman told me I had a really nice pace.  Then she passed me.
Mile 6-13:08 (KY Derby 2011 13:19|2010 14:42)
Mile 7-12:59 (KY Derby 2011 13:47|2010 14:48)
Mile 8-13:18 (KY Derby 2011 13:27|2010 15:24)

At Mile 9 they gave out Vanilla Hammer Gel. I never had that before. It tasted pretty good. Once I figured out how to open the thing.  Between 9 and 10 you came down this hill, and it overlooked all the ocean.  If I wasn't thinking about my time, I would've stopped to take a picture.
Mile 9-13:52 (KY Derby 2011 15:52|2010 15:50)

Mile 10, it started raining again. I noticed I was cold.  I passed a lady who was limping.  Another lady was hitting her knee while running.  A cop car started riding beside me (on the wrong side of the street).  I couldn't figure out why.  Then the marathon winner passed.  About 6 or 7 minutes later another marathoner passed.  My shirt was heavy. The number was sticking to my stomach.  Everyone around me was putting on their jackets.  I was getting colder.  I finished up a walking minute and started running.
Mile 10-13:28 (KY Derby 2011 14:46|2010 16:37)

Mile 11 I ran passed another woman and she tried to match my pace.  I didn't mean to be a bitch, but another My Chemical Romance song came out. I air-drummed and sang.  My feet picked up.  Cars passed me thinking who was this crazy woman.  I had a great time.  As soon as the song ended, I remembered I was cold.
Mile 11-13:49 (KY Derby 2011 2011 15:25|2010 19:44)

At Mile 12, I knew I had a PR in my pocket.  I knew what time I had to hit mile 12 to get one and I was 6 minutes ahead of that.  However I didn't feel like running anymore (Typical).  Still I forced myself to keep going.   I would be able to get dry soon enough. I got Mile 13 on my Garmin and could see the finish.  I didn't really even try to pick it up.  Then some woman tried to chick me.  Oh no.  I did pick it up and beat her.
Mile 12-13:39 (KY Derby 2011 15:12|2010 16:46)

I crossed the line and hit the Garmin.  No way.  No way!  PR.  And I cracked 3 hours.  D was there.  He had cracked 2 hours.  We hugged and then went to call E.  Both our phones were wet. Mine was dead. We couldn't get his to open.  After 15 minutes we finally were able to text where we were and he said he was on his way.
Mile 13-14:16 (KY Derby 2011 12:03|2010 16:11)
Mile .28- 3:50
Total: 2:55:42 (13:30min/mi)
D: 1:59:12 (9:11min/mi)

Right after, D's knee gave out.  We helped him into the car.  E and A gave us blankets.  Although ecstatic, you know we were miserably cold.  We were supposed to get 2 free beers.  Neither of us got one.  It rained all the way home.

Medals, Times, and Shirt

After we got home and showered we went and watched football and had beer.  I had Guinness and Green Monstah.  Then we went to Redbones for dinner.  I had a Coffee Porter.

Besides getting to see my friends and visiting Boston, I would consider this race again. The director emailed us back some questions (no bag check-in as most people drove there and had cars there), the volunteers were fantastic, the shirts were good, the neighborhood gave a lot of support.  They couldn't help the weather.


Unknown said...

Great job! You are running better than before on a mile by mile basis. Solid improvement and a nice PR.

Christina said...

Great job on the run!!!

I love how honest you are with the running.

"I knew I had a PR in my pocket. I knew what time I had to hit mile 12 to get one and I was 6 minutes ahead of that. However I didn't feel like running anymore (Typical)."

Haha! I laughed at I didn't feel like running anymore. MAN!!! That's how I feel quite a lot of times.
Sometimes I just go, "Why am I torturing this? $75 is better spent on a nice meal, a pretty dress, some shoes, a hand bag."

RockStarTri said...

well done!

Julie said...

Congrats on the PR!

Sounds like a tough race but you stepped it up and took control!


Becca said...

Wow! Sorry about the crap weather and D's knee, but great job to you both on your PRs. It also sounds like you had a decent beer sampling while you were there.

Cute pic - And I can't believe you are both a Redskins and an Orioles fan. You and my husband are two peas in a pod.