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Friday, July 29, 2011

July...WTF did it go?

D and I signed up for a half marathon that I think is on 10/2 (I guess I should look into that).  Prior to this past Tuesday, I hadn't run since July 8th.  I took a break because work consumed me (not really) and because then we went on vacation.

So Tuesday I went back to the gym.  I prepared to run 4 miles.  I prepared to run them at a 12 minute-mile pace.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  I think I ran 4 miles in 53 minutes.  I think I left a lung on the treadmill.  D said he ran 3.2 miles

On Wednesday, I could barely walk. You know when you are so out of shape, that the next morning your body is in pain (but the good pain). Yeah, that was me.  So Wednesday afternoon, I limped into the gym and ran 2 miles.  No 21+ minutes, more like "can we run under 25 minutes?"  I did. But I was tired. Thursday, I changed at work and was driving to the gym.  As I was driving 5 miles in 20 minutes, I noticed I was falling asleep.  Like I had to roll down the windows (which did nothing since I wasn't moving) and blare the radio.  I ended up talking to D on the phone so I wouldn't close my eyes.  The gym just wasn't happening.

So this weekend I have a 6 miler planned.  I will do it. It won't be pretty.

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Christina said...

Love that picture of that swimming dog! Totally digging it! Good luck with the training.

Unknown said...

Dogs on vacation! WooooHoooo!