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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 2nd Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon

So Friday morning we got up and packed.  Once again, Advil was its own meal.  I had been downing it since the tornadoes came through the south. I don't know if it was the pressure changes or my actual hip, but too close to 13.1 miles, I wasn't going to let a stupid hip stop me...especially since I had 2.

D and I packed.  I came downstairs and still saw the Advil on the counter. Grabbed it and threw it in my bag. He told me he packed my Clif Bars. That he had left one so I would have breakfast on Tuesday.  We packed the car and left.

On the way up, we passed a tornado'd section of I-75 at Mile 296. It was just eery. No houses or businesses, just a whole bunch of trees cut at the same level.  This is where I had heard the interstate was closed the day before.  At Mile 320ish there was a vague sign that said that the Interstate was impassable in Ringold, GA at 348.  There were no detour signs, and no other cars seemed worried (braking), so I decided 348 must be a road, and not a mile marker.  I was wrong.  So was the sign.  At MM 348 you couldn't get off in Ringold.  There was no more McDonald's, Baymont Inn, Waffle House, and a ton more.  I think 8 people had died.  Just complete devastation, and 1/4 mile away everything was fine.  The traffic was backed up 2 miles, and people were taking pictures.  I didn't. If you want to see them, I'm sure you can find some on ajc.com or another newpaper.  We finally got through that, and reached Chattanooga.  There we found ourselves in the backup of an accident.  After 30 minutes, we got through that.  We stopped in Manchester, TN and had lunch, so I could check my work email.  Nothing I needed to do, so fries and a chicken sandwich later, we were off.  I wonder though...does Manchester have an plumbing issue...on the way there and the way back we stopped in Manchester and both places had signs not to put toilet paper in the toilet (as well as paper towels.).  Yes, it is gross.

So another accident right outside of Nashville, and we finally found ourselves in KY.  And then finally, the Seelbach in Louisville.  I can tell you right now, spend fewer bucks and stay at the Hampton 2 blocks away.  We stayed at the Seelbach for 1 reason...Guinness.  When we made the reservation, she was still alive and it was the only hotel that was less than $300 a night (it was $125, I think) that allowed dogs.  But the place sucked.  Our mattress might have been from 1930...it sunk in the middle. It was a double bed.  The walls were thin, so during Prom Season, we got to hear one Prommie get arrested for passing out in the hallway (not a guest) and 2 vomit in the room beside us.

So anyway, we checked in, and made our way over to the convention center to get our stuff. My hip hurt a little, and my stomach hurt (like a pit in my stomach).  We got our stuff and made our way to Red Star in 4th Street Live.  2 beers later, I convinced myself I left my Garmin at home.

Beer to Calm My Nerves
My friends texted me that I needed to relax. D told me I needed to relax.  We went and got some pizza. It was cheesesteak pizza, but was nothing like that which you get in Philly or even Baltimore.  I got mayonnaise for it, but then decided with my luck, it would be rancid and I would have food poisoning the next day.  We called it a night and went back to the hotel.  We watched TV until 11, I found my Garmin, and we tried to sleep.  I checked my watch every 20 minutes.  4th Street Live closes around 3AM, at least they have a police siren clear the place.  The hallway was filled with loud people, and another Prommie was going to go home at 9AM because she had homework, another Prommie was looking for a condom, and my stomach really hurt.  I don't know how I fell asleep but I slept from 3-6 when my alarm went off (I got 3 hours of sleep a night ).

Got up and got dressed.  Asked D where the Clif Bars were.  He said in his bag. I emptied his bag and asked him again where they were.  He said probably on the kitchen stove.  I told him to stop talking to me if he knew what was good for him, because someone must die, and he was the first available. I drank my water that I packed and tried to figure out what to do (I should mention besides being a bitch, I'm not a morning person). Should I eat a piece of pizza? Should I get a bagel? Since I have never run a long run not eating a Clif Bar, I really was getting more and more worried and pissed off.  Think...Then it hit me that I might have one in my purse or laptop case.  For as much as Hampton Inn is better than a full blown Hilton, their breakfasts usually include turkey (allergy) so I bring mine.  Score, I had one bar in my bag that I hadn't given the meth head on my way to work.  Thank God.  I told D to give me 5 minutes, to get in my head that it was an honest mistake and I wouldn't be mad.  He said ok (he doesn't eat anything before a long run).  I put Body Glide on my chest, which which I normally don't do, but had gotten sore from the 12 mile run I did.  I forgot to put it on my foot.  I don't know where D puts BG.  I don't think I want to know. 

D and I after the Clif Bar Debacle...I had calmed down
So off to the race we went. D said his one nipple was hard. Yep.  He had BG'd the hell out of it.  We held hands walking.  We walked .88 miles until we found the bag checkin. (This was a different course than 2010) Then we found D's corral (C). Mine was F.  I had already decided I was running with the 13:40 minute pacer.  We walked and walked and walked. We were almost to a bridge (like .5 miles from Corral B), when I saw a sign for Corral D.  Seriously?  I decided I was going in Corral D.  D and I took a picture.

D and I looking for my corral
I told him I was scared shitless, and he went back to his corral. Everyone around me was E, F or G.  I saw the 13:40 pacer about .25 miles ahead of me.  There was no way I could get to him.  Unlike last year, the Corrals were just piss poor.  But oh well. D said he didn't have that problem.

While waiting I watched the Balloon Race launch. 
Balloon Races

I listened to a man who ran the Mini 500 talk to his daughter. They were deciding if they were running together. They decided not to.  I think the race had started about 15 minutes prior.  Finally we crossed the start line and I hit the Garmin and the Polar.

Mile 1 was a lot of running around walkers (that was the G corral).  I looked at my watch a few times and kept telling myself to slow down.  I passed one RUNNER who was smoking.  I was down wind, so yes I did have to speed up to pass him.  WTF?  I mean is your jonesing that bad?  Really?  We ran down Main Street.  I did my 9:1 thing.  When Garmin said 1 mile, I had to run another .1 to get to where KY Derby said it was.

Mile 1 12:29...too fast.  (2011 12:29|2010 13:38)

Mile 2 was a zig zag.  I almost got hit by a course biker.  I told him he was an asshole.  Nothing exciting...13:13.  Still worried about going to fast.
Mile 2 13:13...too fast. (2011 13:13|2010 13:44)

We turned onto 18th street. This was probably my favorite part. The people in the houses all came out and cheered. There was no groups but just the people.  And while they were cheering you, they seemed to appreciate you waving back or saying thank you.  It was really nice.
Mile 3: 13:21 Settling in. (2011 13:21|2010 14:49)

During this time, Pearl Jam's Amongst the Waves started playing.  I thought about Guinness and started to cry.  I had really hoped she would have made it to this.  I know it was silly and I know people thought I was a loon.  But I just cried, ran and sang.  I stopped and got some water.  When the song stopped, I stopped crying and continued on my way.
 Mile 4: 13:32 (2011 13:32|2010 14:11)

We turned onto 4th Street. This was very boring. And it smelled.  It smelled like Horse Manure and BO.  I noticed this woman in front of me.  If I passed her the BO went away as did the manure.  I figured we were near Churchill Downs.  But then I couldn't figure it out.  It was just so bizarre   She kept passing me, so I kept being downwind.  I finally decided I had enough of this and ran fast enough to pass her and then some.  We got to another water stop. I didn't take any because I didn't want to cramp up. D said he smelled the manure at this part. He was sure the city had laid down fresh mulch around trees on the sidewalk.
Mile 5: 13:20 (2011 13:20|2010 13:55)

So Mile 5 was still on 4th Street with a little jaunt to 6th Street and back.  I wondered how far off my Garmin was now, and if I would get a 10K PR.  For some reason most people started walking here.  I ran through Red Rover Red Rover style through a group. Not intentionally, but there was no way I could stop. I hit mile 6 and my 10K and then ran back onto 4th Street where the official 10K was.  I got a PR!
Mile 6: 13:19 (2011 13:19|2010 14:42)
10K: 83:04

So then more of 4th Street.  I passed the "If you are still running, we are still drinking" team.  High 5's. Part of U of Louisville.  I grabbed some water at an unofficial stop. The guy who had run the Mini 500 Marathon came up on my side.  We chatted for awhile.  He gave me some sport jelly beans. We chatted until he went and got some water.  That was after mile 7.
Mile 7: 13:47 (2011 13:47|2010 14:48)

I came up an incline, turned and was at Churchill Downs.
Mile 8: 13:27 (2011 13:27|2010 15:24)

Coming onto Churchill Downs

Here was where I hit one of 2 hills (both at CD).  One was entering (going under the track) and one was leaving (going under the track). 

Running under the track
While in there I might have walked a little more than I was supposed to. I might have taken some pics.  D took a lot of pics when he was in there. These are his. But I saw the same thing.

Twin Spires
Horses running around us

I came out and was by some U of L Cardinal Stadium and ran.  This was also where they had the half/full split.  They were still letting you run the full, so I had made it that far (last year, you had to go to the half). I got some water and ate a jelly bean.
Mile 9: 15:52 (yeah, I walked a lot) (2011 15:52|2010 15:50)

I mostly focused on getting my pace back up.  It was a bit of a struggle.  This was also where the marathoners re-joined us.  For the most part the HM were on the left and the M's were on the right. Some HM were all over the place.  I busted out laughing though when one M told us "SLOW PEOPLE TO ALL GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY," and about 10 people stopped dead in their tracks.  He tripped on the sidewalk.  I'm sorry, it was funny, I know it is annoying, but really.  I also started thinking it was odd there was no Powerade on this course.  I know I said I wasn't going to drink it, but it popped into my head.  My legs started hurting, and all of the sudden I wanted a pretzel. Like NOW!  I passed that beer drinking team (they moved from 4th to 3rd street).  I high-5'd and stopped looked at a guy, grabbed his Bud Light, and chugged. It was awesome.  Then I started running.  At Mile 10 there was a powerade stop. I didn't have any.
Mile 10: 14:46 (2011 14:46|2010 16:37)

I ate another jelly bean.  I decided I was going to walk the rest of the way.  After a minute I ran 2. Then I walked.  Then I ran.  Then I told myself to get this thing fucking finished (sorry, but that is the way I talk to myself).
Mile 11: 15:25. (2011 15:25|2010 19:44)

I tried to just focus on finishing the Mile.  I had energy.  I just didn't feel like running anymore.  Like it was ok to walk.  I really pulled deep and shuffled my feet.  I told myself to go. My head kept going, "Don't worry about it. Not like you running is going to make you any faster than that walked."  "What the fuck is wrong with you...you can run faster."  I decided I was delirious from the lack of jelly beans so I ate another one.  And got a water.
Mile 12: 15:12 (2011 15:12|2010 16:46)

I texted D I was at 12 miles (this was during the walk of my 9:1 walk which I decided to recommit to).  Then I decided to finish this. And finish strong. That jelly bean was going to make me Super Man.  I started looking at people and deciding to clip them off one at the time.  And I did.  Got back to Main Street. Passed the Yum Center.  Passed some bars. Passed Elvis.  Passed where we dropped off our bag.  Where the hell is the turn?
Mile 13: 12:03 (2011 12:03|2010 16:11)

OK this is a pain. My watch says 13.1 and I haven't turned!  Finally I see the turn.  I'm going to be that person and chick this man right at the end.  That is if I don't puke first.  I let it go.  I high 5'd the officials.  I felt great.  And I crossed the line.

.36 miles: 4:31
The finish line

I found D immediately, got my medal and got some water and Powerade and banana.  D opened his bag and I shoved a lot of food in.  Then we walked gingerly (Louisville had some floods) to get a beer.  They wouldn't let us out of the park with the beer so we each had 4 sips and left it on a wall. The Bud Light I had earlier tasted much better than the Mich Ultra. But that might have been the water, banana, powerade, and chocolate milk before.

D and I with our Michelob Ultra

We walked back to the hotel and then went drinking. I checked the Polar.  My strap must have had too much Body Glide...I don't think I only burned 800 calories.  D's had one part bloody shirt.

Our Bling
So it was a different course than last year, but how did I do?
2011: 3:04:16
2010: 3:24:46

D's times were better too:

2011: 2:03:55
2010: 2:10:37

Perhaps if we stopped taking pictures in Churchill Downs we could break that pesky 3 and 2 barrier.  :)

D and I at Bluegrass Brewery
Dark Star Porter and Coffee Stout

Look at who we ran into on the street (Bob Baffert, trainer of 3 KY Derby Winners)
Some lady...I just liked her hat


RockStarTri said...

Excellent job! That is a significant improvement.

Julie said...

Congrats on a huge PR!!!! That sounds like such a fun race too. You did fantastic!

Oh yea and seriously....smoking during the race?!?!?!?!

timeformetofly said...

Congratulations, and WOW on your time improvement over last year!

Even though they slowed you down, I must say that I loved the pictures!

Delane said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!

So proud of you!

I know you will have a sub 3 soon!!!

Christy Z. said...

This is fantastic! I laughed so many times too. I loved the line about these are D's pictures, but I saw the same thing too. And the beer. OMG.

Did the guy really trip and fall? Crazy.

Nice run. Thanks for sharing pictures too. And great job besting your time from last year!

chris mcpeake said...

great race report.
congrats on an excellent race