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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chattahoochee Challenge 10K

First, thank you on the condolences. D, SB and I are getting through the pain and anger, and trying to focus on the memories. Easier said than done.

Saturday, D and I had a 10K to do in Roswell. This doesn't seem so suburby. I think mostly because I drive that past it to work every day, and the Nature Center is relatively easy to get to from the interstate. I think there is one light. It just takes a good 30 minutes to get there.

Saturday morning we got up to a lovely 30 degrees. The weathermen commented all week how beautiful the weekend would be. Yeah, not so much at 6AM. We did the usual eating, walking the dog, me being half-asleep getting dressed, bathroom, etc.

Us getting ready to leave...I always have such gorgeous hair!

We left at about 6:35. We got to the auxiliary parking lot at about 715 with the rest of the runners, it seemed. We hoofed it to the Nature Center (.85 miles away). I had to nervous pee. So I told D I would meet him in the gym. I went to the outside door (there are 2 sides to the bathroom). This other woman and I just walked in, not knowing how long the line was on the other side. Rather than be polite, and say, "Excuse me, ladies, there is a line," this cunt of a woman hisses, "THE LINE IS BACK THERE." I am in no mood, and just go, "Well how the fuck do you have to go to the bathroom, bitch. It is obvious you haven't had your coffee or you would be pleasant." And give her a one finger salute as I go get my number.

D and I put our chips on our shoes, and walk to the start line. Spot-a-pots!!! Score!!! So we stand in line. I get nervous (and become more bitchy than that woman), because I can hear someone on a megaphone telling us 15 minutes to the race and there is a half-mile walk to the start line. Finally my turn. After I finish, I go out, and D helps me get my pants up (I didn't come out with them down...they just really compress, and I didn't pull them to a comfortable position in the can). He held my gloves as I lifted my shirts and pulled the pants and did a little panty-hose dance to get them up. I'm sure some people saw a good muffin top!

We walk .41 miles to the start. It has moved from last year. Not sure why. At 8:09 they started the race. D passed me as well as a lot of other people. I just kind of lollygagged, it seemed to me. I couldn't find a pace to suit me. We passed the Nature Center. I wasn't sure if I should run straight or run 9 minutes, walk 1. I got to downhill and decided to do the 9:1, which of course meant, walk down the hill. I picked back up and turned the corner. Mile 1 seemed closer than last year...well duh, Al if the start line was further back, then yes, Mile 1 would be closer to the corner. I looked at my watch. Even with the walking, 12:26.

Could I keep this pace up for 5.2 more miles. Hmmm! I'll try. I pass a lot of people that went out too fast. One woman seems to be doing 4:2 opposed to my 9:1. There is the water. I actually walked through the water...it was so dry out, I needed it. At about 1.7, I saw the first and 2nd place finishers...they were well past mile 3. Mile 2: 12:57. I get to Roswell RD, and turn around. There are a lot of people behind me. That is nice that the sweep truck is not with me. There is the old lady walker who passed me last year. I have a lot of room between her and me, so no worries. I wonder if I can finish this road without the cops telling me to get on the path. I'm going to pass this guy. Oh wait! I really am. Now Orange Lady. She is about 200 yds ahead of me. Mile 3 seems really fast. Much faster than the 12:57, but it isn't.

OK, when did the road get so long? Orange Lady is still 200 yds. Steady pace, her and me. Where is the Mile Marker. Still no one to sweep me. Mile Marker 4. That can't be right. It says 50 minutes... Finally crossed it at 52 something. Mile 4 is 13:39.

Only 2 more miles, AL. The road seems to be moving. Oh, I'm going to be sick. Stop looking up, Al. You know you get motion sickness. It seemed like it took me 5 LONG minutes to get that feeling to go away. Just plodding along. Walked up the hill that I walked down during Mile 1 (I was on the 1 minute walk). There is the finish. Too bad I have to still run to MM 6. I seem to be closer to the big group of people. Oh there is A! Oh wait! Stop being delirious! She didn't come today. Plus that lady has about 5 inches on her. Really? You thought that was A? Oh good! Mile 5: 13:57.

Only 1 more hill (only 1 hill anyway). You just have to go up/down turnaround up down. My watch is reading 67 minutes. Only have to run to 69. I don't think I can. I'm feeling sick. Brain, shut up. I'm walking 3 minutes.

Well the walk did good, and I guess Orange Lady needed a walk too. 70 minutes came when I had to go up the hill. She was done. I plodded along, and got nearer and nearer (I passed 3 others as well). We went down the hill. She didn't pick up her pace. I passed her and only had the turn around. Back up the hill. You have this, AL. Came down the hill. Deceived! Thought Mile 6 was there. Still a little more. Finally got to Mile 6. Had slowed way down. 14:42. I could hear the camera recording, "Smile, you're almost done!" I didn't see them. Woman in front of me started walking I could now see the finish. I see D! I pass the walking woman. Then I see the timer. It says 83:40. I know if I get to it by 84:10, my official time will be in the 83 (chip time). I turn on those legs. I'm tired. But I want it. I cross the mats. I hit the Garmin. 83:57 says Garmin. (Official time is 83:56)! I beat my PR by 4:07 minutes.

D getting a PR!

D needing new pants. These pants are supposed to be tight. I thought he had on his wind pants that he walks SB in until I thought about it. WAY TOO BIG!

Me coming to the finish line.

Obviously tired. Running with both feet on the ground???

D gets me some water. I think when I got to the water table I guzzled about 6 cups (they were slightly bigger than Dixie cups). I grabbed 3 more and we walked up to the Center to get our T-shirts. D PR'd as well by 4 minutes, so he still has to wait 30 minutes for me. We got some bananas, and I got more water cups, and we went a different way back to the car because I didn't want to deal with the stairs yet for the 4th time today. So we went down a monstrous hill, and walked back to the car. (1:01 miles).

I'm so proud of us!!!

When we got home, I took my post-run shower. I was looking at my pants. Yeah, I ran with them on inside out. I'm good like that.

Mile 1: 12:26
Mile 2: 12:57
Mile 3: 12:57
Mile 4: 13:39
Mile 5: 13:57
Mile 6: 14:42
Official Time: 83:56


The Enthusiast said...

Woohoo! Way to PR. Great race report.

Julie said...


Yea for the PR!!!! Sounds like a great run. And wow on the bitchy woman. :)

Delane said...


I wore my blouse inside out all day on Xmas:-/. Happens.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Great job on the PR.

Becca said...

Haha, I have done the same pantyhose dance trying to get my bra on at some ungodly pre-race hour...Loved your pics. Your hair IS great.