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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Run for the Park 5K

D and I signed up for this race because it is in our neighborhood (almost), A always runs it, it fit into the Tri Plan, and we ran it 2 years ago. So we know the course.

This was the course where 2 years ago, the one legged runner passed me.

Anyway, we got up on Saturday, and went to A's. From there we walked down to the race. The registration was really crowded and not a lot of signs. Most people in our line weren't in the right one, so we got up to the front pretty quickly. And unlike 2 years ago, they had T-shirts that fit. So yay us.

Of course, Atlanta, so no chip timing. We lined up and that was a bit peculiar. They already had the finish line up, and it was about 500 feet ahead of the start line. So all the runners had about 500 feet to go from 2 lanes to 1 back to 2. They might have said stuff at the start...I couldn't hear. People in front of us started running, so we we're off. I started the Garmin when I got to the start line.

The first part of the run is like Incline 2 of a Treadmill. It isn't a horrible incline, but after .3 miles it gets old. Across the Interstate, and someone has already finished that block with no one near him. Here's a question...Do the people in the front of a race care if the people in the back of the race cheer them on? I always wondered if some elite runner cares that when he is done the race, some overweight slow chick (me) has just finished up her first mile.

So I turned off the main road, and down a hill, and up another one. Finally turned again and flat. Back to the main road, and Mile 1 was done. 13:31.

Mile 2 was starting and my least favorite part of the course. This stupid hill. The ladies in front of me, slowed down. One went on her own and got to the top and cheered one of the other up it, one talked the slowest one up. I actually recognized the slowest one as the chick I chased all the through the Run Like Hell 5K. Anyway, her friends cheering her on helped me get up the hill. And pass her. Once up that hill, the rest of mile 2 was relatively flat. I passed the pool, and got out to the bigger main road. Here you had to run on the side walk. So then I wondered if the people who were way faster than I ran on the street and they had reopened the street or if everyone ran on the sidewalk. D informed me later that everyone ran on the sidewalk.
At mile 2 they called my time as 26:40. My Garmin said 27:0x so, I went with that. From Mile 2 on the main road, another Incline 2 hill. This woman and I kept playing tag. She passed me on that road. We turned and ran along the backside of the zoo. Downhill. I passed her again. For good. I got to the last turn by the police station.

2 years ago, I got pooped right here. I drive this road all the time, and forget there are 2 hills. They aren't steep but they are hard to "kick it". I did my best. I had another woman in my sights. I was gaining on her, but really knew that I couldn't pass her. We got to the traffic light which was 2.83 miles. She started walking. Are you kidding me? I yelled at her to run. She looked at me like I was a nut. I was so ticked, but oh well. The rest of the race was down hill.
At mile 3, D was waiting for me.

I saw A and her daughter C. I ran across. 41:55. 2 years ago, I crossed at 45 something.

A got 34 something and D got 30 something.

After some breakfast, D and I went to the Park Festival and met up with A and C and A's husband J. We helped J empty his torpedo keg. Fun Festival.


Tammy said...

Yay!! Great job!

Carolina John said...

Very cool race! beating last years time by 4 minutes always feels good. Keep up the great training, it's nice to see it pay off.

timeformetofly said...

What a difference a year makes... great time! :)