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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I ran fast... for me...sortof...

So today was the 3rd Annual Romp and Stomp 5K at the Chomp and Stomp Festival. I really wished D didn't have to work but he did, so it was just A and me.

It was 44 degrees when we left, so Anne actually wore short sleeves instead of her usual tank top. I wore long sleeves and shorts. We got to Cabbagetown at 730 and there was no place to park. Finally found a place and went and got our numbers. We chatted to some of A's friends that she ran into, and before you know it the race was off.

As I crossed the Start line, I turned on my watch (you know Atlanta doesn't do chip timing!). The start of the race was kind of hilly. Not massive hills but up down up down. No big woop since I've been running in my 'hood. Oh there is the lady I passed last year...I will pass her again. And I did. Around and up to Milltown. I really wanted to go in...we haven't been in awhile...my medical bills put a dent into my social funds. Down another street, Mile 1. I looked at my watch...12:45. OK no wonder I'm breathing hard. If I can keep this pace I can finish under 40 minutes. Can I? I can't compute .1 so maybe not.

OK old man, why are you only running up the hills? Together Old Man and I passed 3 women. We got to the Krog Street Tunnel and went through. There were a lot of people still around me...was I really going fast or was everyone else going slowly. I don't know. Damn! There is a person in that car. I thought it was parked. I guess they didn't appreciate me almost running into it. OK Mile 2...26:45. 14 minute mile. One extreme to the other.

This next mile was quite boring...these 2 women would pass me and then walk. On a hill I would pass them and then they would run past me. They must have gotten tired of me, because the last half mile they ran all the way. I wasn't even in the mood to chase them. We passed the Coffee Shop that I won't go to. They are "dog-friendly" but don't allow Pits. Then you aren't dog friendly and you don't know squat about dogs. (don't get me started on that). Old Man and I still were together. The last turn, I saw the 3 mile sign. I got to it at 40:0?. The 2 women had disappeared by now, but Old Man was going to eat my dust. I saw the finish line and Anne. I was very glad I had my watch...they had already turned off the clock. (Annoyance). Woman with stroller stopped right on the finish line, I almost ran her down. My time 41:40.

I was really disappointed with that time. I was sure last year was lower. So we were herded into a line for shirts which they apparently had run out of, except they had XXL and M, so A and I scored. We also go spoons for the Chomp and Stomp later on (the Chili is free, a spoon is $5).

Our bitch of the run, you ask? No water again! WTF? They opened the beer truck, but it did us no good as I didn't have cash and A doesn't drink beer. So we came home.

I came home and looked at last year's time. 41:48. I improved. Go me!

Time: 41:40 (run)
Mileage: 3.1 (13:26 min/mile)
Calories: 789
Max HR 190
Avg HR 164
In Zone 2:50


timeformetofly said...

Go you is right... great run! And I agree that dog discrimination means that your are NOT doggie friendly. I wouldn't give them my money, either.

angie said...

Way to go on improving the time. Perhaps you should have run down Stroller Lady (but not the stroller...I don't want to advocate running over small children...bigger "children" aka teenagers, it's ok to run them over, trust me) to teach her a lesson. I bet she's one of those people that stops in the middle of the aisles at places like Wal-Mart or the grocery store either for no apparent reason or to chitchat with friends. Hate those people. HATE! Grrrrr...

Viv said...

Way to improve last years time Al, you are only getting better, faster and stronger!! You and the battles with old men, LOL! I swear those two ladies are at my races as well.

Aka Alice said...

I can never compute .1 either...I figure it'll be at least a minute more...but I may be wrong.

Who stops on a finish line? I mean seriously? GAH!

Marcy said...


Did the Old Man put up a fight at all? Sometimes those oldies do that. I've had it happen to me LOL

Yasmin said...


Tammy said...

Great job on the run!

And, I'm with ya on the doggie discrimination!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Alb. You are one of the reasons I keep running, you seriously inspire me. Great job on beating last year's time!

Kelly said...

WTG Alb, you rock!

Anne said...

You inspire me too! Good job improving. My bitch of the run: I love dogs, don't get me wrong, but can you go to the side when they need to poop? Instead of 5 or 6little poops evenly spaced? I thought I had managed to avoid all them - but I didn't! Nothing like cleaning dog crap out of your running shoes.