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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Altitude, Schmaltitude...

I got into CO on Sunday night. I drove to the office on Monday morning. The first thing they did was tell me about altitude and to drink plenty of water if I run, and walk when I needed to. Whatever, I thought.

Tuesday morning, I got up at 5AM to go for a run. First, I was confused...it was 5AM and it was light out! Wow! OK, so I did my 5 minute walking warm-up. Then I started running. I may have gotten 50 yards, or .5 miles. Not sure which. That's because I'm pretty sure I left my lungs in the hotel room, and was more contemplating what bike path I could lay down and die on. Obviously, I started walking. I walked 2+ miles. Towards the end I was getting out of breath. I got back to the hotel, hopped in the car, and went to 7-11 and bought a HUGE water. Then I went to work.

Things weird about CO. Everyone bikes to work. Helmets aren't required. Bike paths are everywhere but you can bike on the highways (I'm not near an interstate). I have nearly taken out 5 bikers. Most bikers follow the laws, and use hand signals. It is pretty cool.
Today was CO Ride your Bike to Work Day. I had to go to a new site. I couldn't find the big plant with a HUGE sign. My manager was wondering about me. I'm pretty sure all the bikers were making me distracted, as I have to make sure I don't hit any of them (I'm driving a Durango, which is much bigger than a Cherokee. I think Durangos changed and became bigger. I'm driving a tank).

And work you ask. Lots of regulations. I MUST take a shower every day. I know you all were worried about that. I have to report if I have sunburn. I have to stay home if I'm taking care of a sick aunt or a sick child. I have to remember my lint brush because I have dog hair on my shirt and that is a BIG no-no. It's really interesting. The people I'm training with are pretty cool. On the young side, but really nice, and we all have our different strengths. Our manager is nice...I think we are his first "students." He kind of assumes we know things, until we slow him down. But it is fun. He is totally hands on, so after reading 4 hours of SOPs, we get to go into the lab. Tomorrow we have to be there by 545 AM so that we can see some part of a test being performed. Except for the time, it is exciting.

Today we took contractor training, and Internet on premise is a big no as are cell phones, and a zillion other things. So I only go on the internet to look at wiki and mapquest and delta.com (I don't have a seat to return home yet). Mapquest, because I have no sense of direction, and wiki, because I have no clue about things like John Perry bolts (or something like that).

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to work out. My goal was twice this week.

Oh and I went to the Boulder Brewery. Good beer. I didn't like the Hazed and Infused, but they replaced it for free with a Mojo. My favorite was the Porter on nitro. I liked the buffalo burger, I liked the green chili. The chicken sammy, eh.

OK, watching SVU, so I'm going to go.


Tammy said...

Once you get used to that altitude, running will be a piece of cake down here at sea level!

Viv said...

That is cool beans you get to get some altitude training like the elites :-)

Keep enjoying the beer and the burgers..delish!

paige said...

I could just see you laying out on a bike path!! LOL

I think the riding everywhere is cool. Everything is so spaced out here though it would take 2 hours to get into to town LOL Maybe that's why you never see anyone on a bike unless they have an AARP card and are riding a tric or they look like a serious biker. LOL

Diario de Elysia said...

Yeah I heard the altitude is NASTAY...glad you didn't DIE!