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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Carly told me to post 5 things about me, so I posted 6...

So Carly said to post 5 things about myself that you don't know about me.

This is hard, because I tell everyone everything.

1. I love to bake, and can do it awesomely (yes, I'm bragging). However, I cannot frost a cake. I don't know why, but I just can't.

2. After my wedding reception, D and I went to the afterparty, because well, sex would always be there, but a party wouldn't. After the afterparty, someone decided to take us to breakfast at the Disco Diner. I was in my flannel pajamas (I'm such a romantic...flannel on my wedding night, in JULY!), my crown (aka a tiarra) and my Guinness Slippers that I wore the whole day and night. We walked out of a hotel and a BMW 7-series was out front. I got in and told the man where I wanted to go. He asked who the hell I was, and why was I in his car. I was thanking him for being so prompt that I didn't have to wait outside. Doug and Sip got me out of his car and apologized.

3. I got laid off from a job and got a year's advanced notice that my job was being outsourced to someone for $1.33 a day. I refused to train him, and when asked if I would give him a winter coat (because my company was too cheap to go to Walmart and buy the man a coat), I asked my boss if they wanted my house keys to give to the man, as well as my sister to pleasure him. After that, I had no contact with the man. Upon leaving said job, I not only reformatted one of my hard drives (that had only word documents on it,) the more important hard drive, I reformatted, took out of the computer and drilled a hole through it. I wasn't bitter or anything. Ironically, I still talk to everyone at this place.

4. Don't come up behind me and put your hands over my eyes without me knowing you are coming up behind me (just ruining the point of this gesture). I will drop to the ground, spin and kick you in the balls. Most likely will embarrass the hell out of you. Yes, I have done it before.

5. People think I'm a beer snob because I will not drink Bud, Miller or Coors Products. Miller products give me vicious headaches, that cause me to go to the hospital. I have determined I'm allergic (and this is after 1 beer, not 11). I don't like lagers, which Bud and Coors are, so therefore I choose not to waste my calories on them. I don't like Corona either.
As for the beer snob...yes, I will not drink a beer that comes in a clear or green bottle. The light can go through the bottle, and cause the beer to "skunk." I had to take a technical writing class in college and my final project was on beer. Even then I found a way to geek out.

6. People who meet me (in person) think I'm very ditzy and stupid, because I sound like Minnie Mouse on helium (my voice didn't go through puberty). They are surprised that I have 2 Engineering Degrees and graduated with Highest Honors, as well as have my Fundamentals of Engineering License (aka EIT). I don't have a Professional Engineering License because I've never had the need for it. I took the EIT exam (an 8-hour exam all about engineering) because I had nothing to do that day. The same reason I got my second engineering degree. I had nothing better to do for that time, and Georgia Tech is the best school in the country for Industrial and Systems Engineering 18 years, running. Since I was here, and they were here, it was something to do.

OK, I'm going to go home.


Marcy said...

OMG! HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH ROFLMAO at #2 and #3!! Sweetnees!!

Anonymous said...

Of course you would post 6. This is what high achievers do! I particularly appreciate the one about beer, as i have a deep and abiding love for it.

Beer may be my best friend.

AKA Alice said...


What kind of weird, cosmic intersections of universes would lead to us both blogging about Guinness this week? But, I want to know where can I get me some Guinness slippers.

BTW...I think you completely understood the point of my blog this week :-)

AKA Alice said...

Oh...and thanks for the more accurate calorie count on the Guinness!

Delane said...

I'm a lager fan ..Eh..I'm german.

Anne said...

I can vouch for Allison on #1 (AWESOME CAKES and Oreo Balls) and for #6, my husband who went to Tech w/Al says she is by far the smartest one of ALL of them!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Anne makes me blush.

Tammy said...

Quite the over-achiever, aren't you?

Julia said...

I love that line about your voice never hitting puberty. Your list is great!

Diario de Elysia said...

Uhm yeah, you over acheiver you!

I barley graduated with an AA! eek, but I talk a good game and try to sound like I know my shit! HA HA HA

I love CAKE! and WTH are oreao balls? sound interesting.

Carly said...

You are the dream wife. You can bake, super smart, and you love beer! Girl you are the total package.

Your answers had me rolling!

Viv said...

Great facts about you. The hubby sat ont the Profesional enginnering thing too. Can you tell I don;t do the engineer talk. Impressive and beer snob, is a compliment.

now i wanna hear you talk

Yasmin said...

funny, I knew an Asia woman I went to undergrad with who went from Vietnam to Southern California (Undergrad) to Georgia (Graduate School) just because it had the best ISE program in the country.

I also got my MS in ME because I had nothing else to do and my company would pay for it.

I, however, always had something to do whenever the EIT was scheduled, it was probably sleeping or washing my hair, but still.