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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Tagging is one way that bloggers connect with each other and each other's blogs. JMO tagged me.

So, here are the rules of tagging:
Just copy the following onto your post. The rules of the game are posted at the start of your blog post. In this case, I'm asking you to post AT LEAST 10 random facts about yourself. Each player lists the AT LEAST 10 random facts on their own blog. At the end of your post you tag 5 other people and post their names. Go to their blogs and leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been tagged and to look at your blog for details. When they've answered the questions on their own blog, they come back to yours to tell you. Got that?
So, about those AT LEAST 10 random facts.

TAG if you haven't been yet...

1. When I have to pee, I usually wait until the last possible second to go. It seems too much of a chore to get up and walk down the hall and do it. When I get older, I definitely will have some issues with this, I'm betting.

2. I got kicked out of my high school's Amnesty International Chapter, because when I was supposed to write a letter to some leader of some country to release people for handing out propaganda against the leader, I asked the adviser if what they had done was against the law. Then I asked why if they knew they broke the law, then why did I have to write to free them. They knew the repercussions of their actions. The adviser said I was missing the point. I think the adviser didn't like someone questioning him.

3. As I have lost weight, my chest has gone from a C to a DD. My husband thinks it is great. I think it is a PITA, since I think breasts just get in the way. (Can you tell I'm childless?)

4. I don't like things on my feet (blankets, shoes, socks, etc.)

5. The Baltimore Aquarium's Shark Tank scares the crap out of me. I have to run through it because I'm afraid of the tank bursting open and having them eat me. This sounds far-fetched but the tank did do that in Australia or New Zealand.

6. I have an irrational fear of walking down the street and having someone come up in a car and hit me on the back of the neck with a lacrosse stick, rendering me para- or quadriplegic.

7. I'm totally passive-aggressive. I won't get mad at you for owing me $200, telling the world my life secrets, or breaking my lawn-mower and not replacing it. But be 5 minutes late for lunch and not call, and I'll never speak to you again.

8. I hate call waiting. I don't have it. On my cell, I do, but don't know how to use it. I think it is rude. I hang up when someone opts to take the other call over talking to me.

9. I don't understand the "I forgive but I don't forget" phrase. In my mind, if you don't forget, then you never really forgave.

10. I don't laugh during movies. It annoys me when someone tells me I should find something funny and be laughing. I find the humor in movies and I think things are funny. But I don't laugh. Occasionally I will guffaw though.


Anne said...

I love number 2! Try to have a good time in CO and keep blogging.

paige said...

I think I laughed harder for each answer AL but my favorite had to be #7...don't mess with lunch! Evah! LOL

Hope said...

**hiding lacrosse stick**

Marcy said...

#4 would drive me nuts! Especially when it coems to bedtime. OMG I'm the chick that NEEDS to be covered even when it's 100 degrees outside LMAO!

Robin said...

LMAO @ the occasional "guffaw."

I love that word.

Viv said...

I loved those. I am totally opposite always need to have my feet covered with socks. It was so cool to find out more about you. I will never be 5 minutes late to anything if we ever meet up.

AKA Alice said...

You make me laugh...This time #1..being a teacher, I've been conditioned to hold my pee...even when I am at home and could go anytime I needed or wanted, I don't until I'm positively squirming. Also, #7 made me smile...I'm also like that.

The Young Family said...

I agree I loved the late for lunch comment, as that is me to the teee - completely passive aggressive!!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to the irrational fear. I have this irrational fear that if while crossing the street against a light (which everyone does where I live), if a car passes behind me before both of my feet hit the sidwalk, that I will die.

This has happened many times, and obviously I'm not dead. This does not, however, stop me from running to get both feet onto the sidwalk when a car is about to go down the section of street I just crossed.

Julia said...

I love that you questioned authority. I'm sorry that you got booted though. Did you start a letter writing campaign against the advisor?

Delane said...

you boobs grew?