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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drugs are bad, mmmkay!

Do you remember Nancy's "Just Say No" Campaign?

So V was in town this weekend. We were supposed to go to Happy Hour with B and M, but like always, something came up… V’s flight was late and she got someone kicked off the plane. Like I said, always something…

So we were all ready to go to Happy Hour, and called B to tell her we were on our way (only 2 hours late), and she said, just to stay where we were, and not fight traffic to get up there. Fine by us, so we piled into the car, and went to see my favorite bartender Clay. A lot of beers later Clay called us a cab.

Saturday, we talked to B and M. (V flew down to see REM with them…I don’t like REM so I wasn’t going). B said she would come down at 4 (I live a mile away from the amphitheater) and meet up with us. M is having “life happen” right now, so she didn’t know what she was doing. I asked her if her head was spinning ala my Exorcist picture. She said just about. So she was going to try to make it to see us at 5 but she was bailing on the concert. No worries.

So V, D and I went to lunch at smoked meat. Then we went and picked up the car from the night before. Then we went home, dropped off the car, and went to Estoria. And had some beers. B called us and found the place (B is complete opposite of me, she loves the suburbs, and the city is eh too her.) So I was excited she was coming out to see “My city.”

So we are sitting on the patio of Estoria. A guy walks up to the patio and not very loudly says, “Someone call 911. My girlfriend is having a seizure.” Everyone on the patio stares at him, kind of in disbelief. Again he says it. But very non-chalantly, but points to where he is talking. OK, 3 people call 911. Within 2 minutes a fire truck pulls up, and the bartender goes out to the car with water and orange juice.

Coomer (the bartender) comes back, and we ask if everything is ok and is there something we can or need to do. He rolls his eyes and says that this seizure isn’t a natural phenomenon and goes back inside.

Atlanta’s Finest pulls up. The guy who wanted us to call 911 takes off.

The firemen go after him and he comes back. Bartender goes back out to the scene (all the patrons are watching from the porch). Unbeknownst to us, there is an ambulance on the other side of the building. As the fireman leave, we thank them for their fast response time. They said too bad it was for this twit.

A few minutes later the ambulance pulls around with the driver of the car in the back, and the cop leaves…No the cops drives around and sits in front of the car. Then a tow truck comes, and tows the car away. And the cop leaves.

Coomer tells us that there was a bag the size of his fist full of blow in the car, and then they also found heroin.
Meanwhile B jokingly goes, “See this just doesn’t happen where I live.” We all laugh, because frankly we’ve never seen it either. About 5 minutes later, the 911 guy shuffles in and goes inside. According to Coomer, he tells Coomer he is having a really bad day, and can he get a drink. Coomer throws him out. Some words ensue, with Coomer telling him to go snort a few more rails, and just leave (I’m saying this way more politely). So we are still on the porch, and the guy comes back and searched the dumpsters, like he lost something. We tell Coomer the guy is back. He has to call 911. They come out again, and he files a report. By now he is shaking.

All the drama dies down, but for the rest of the night , “a fist of cocaine…” is in the conversation. By now D, V and I have had quite a few beers, and B and V decide to skip the concert. They give their tickets to Coomer, but he can’t get off (he has to work a double shift), so some girl at the bar got free tickets. Coomer buys us a round of shots, and D, V and I do them, and I do B’s. I don’t know what time we decided to go, but B gives us a ride home (she has long since stopped drinking the 2 beers she had).

Today I’m off to Colorado.

And if you are wondering about my running, I did it once this week, and a huge walk (900 calories for the walk). My Achilles is very tender so I’m trying to assess what damage I can do to it. I’m taking my shoes with me to Colorado, but I don’t know what I’m going to be doing.


AKA Alice said...

Sounds like you and your friends got beers AND a show...for FREE!

Have fun in Colorado.

Kelly said...

WOW - what a day that was! People are freaks...

Have a great trip and take care of that Achilles...

Viv said...

Wow Drama by the bar! As soon as I saw the nancy Regan pic the slogan came to mind. Great cal burn for that walk. You must have walked 4eva! Have a safe trip to CO. Take care of the achillies. I tool a whole week off and a couple massages did the trick..

Delane said...


Have fun in CO and take care of you achillies.

Susan (aka Suba) said...

Hey, where in CO will you be? I'll be flying into Denver Friday morning, will you be near there? Let me know if I can E mail you at the Net Zero addy for more details.

paige said...

Sounded like a drama fest! Who needed a concert? LOL

Have fun on your trip!

Yasmin said...

Wow, I'd have to pay for that show.

Here's to nursing an injury. I'm right there with ya.

Carly said...

OMG, what a day...I thought stuff like that only happens in my hood. LOL

Have fun in CO and take care of that injury.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at 911 guy. What a douche!