Weight I have lost

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The ticker went down. I lost over a pound.

I am super busy. I know I owe some of you some emails, but frankly I just don't have time at the moment.

We re-fi'd the house today. I'm working on a proposal and 4 white papers due Monday. And I'm going to see the family tomorrow for my niece's graduation, and running the National Komen 5K on Saturday.

So I have 3 papers mostly done, the 4th is about .25 of the way done, I'll do the proposal sometime Sunday.

AND I'm being transferred for 2 months to another office in a far away state. 2 months away from D, Guinness and Porter.

And I think I became an aunt yesterday, but I accidentally deleted my SIL/BIL's phone number from my phone, and D did too (in our defense, there was a mixup about what numbers they had).

OK, so before my head spins, I'm off.



Viv said...

That pic scared the hell outta me. I have not even seen that movie cause I am scared.

Man, you have been busy! Congrats on the loss. Sorry about being away for 2 months that is a long time. Good luck with the Komen run this Saturday!

Anne said...

Yeah, you owe me an email, but I can wait, I know where you live....2 months away??? good thing it's too hot to run any races. Viv - you should be scared that is one very scary movie! Good luck on the run this weekend, Allison.

Tammy said...

I can not watch that movie alone!

Wow, 2 months away. Jeez, sorry about that! I hope you get to at least visit home.

Marcy said...

Dang girl you've been a busy busy lady! Congrats on being an Aunt! All the perks of having kids and none of the downers LOL

The Young Family said...

Two months is a long time - but you will make it through!

congrats on your pound! that is awesome!

Delane said...

Okay that pick is creepy..Thanks for omitting the green split pea vomit!!

2 months..wow! where ya gonna be?

The Young Family said...

I am with you on your other comment... what movie theater do they sell booze? :)


Kelly said...

I love scary movies and I dont watch that one anymore...

Good luck with all the craziness! You are supah busy!

Carly said...

LMAO on the picture!
Nice job on the WL.

Hang in there, that is an insane schedule. 2 months away from home??! That is crazy.

Good luck with your race.

Robin said...

If you have to leave home for 2 months, I hope it's at least someplace that doesn't suck.

WTG on the WL!