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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged and I can breathe

So, a little more about the National Race for the Cure...I didn't realized that 50000 people would be there. Thus it is the largest or one of the largest 5Ks in the country.

And as my friend put it, Maryland's muggy weather makes it an instant cesspool. I liked that phrase.

OK, so we got back and I started working again on my alphabet soup papers. I was done all of the papers, but needed to write up my bid, quote, proposal or whatever you want to call it. I got my number and told bossman. He thought it sounded high. He gave me his numbers (it is to write 198 papers...the bid that is) and his was $500K more than mine. So he called the guy we are bidding to, and got an extension until June 30th instead of yesterday at 5. I WILL be done with this project on Friday though as I am going to Colorado to work on different Alphabet Soup (I work with DOT, and now will got to the FDA). Although working in CO will be bad in terms of missing D, G and P, the work sounds fantastic. Manufacturing Engineering. I only have 1 degree with focused discipline in that field, and another degree totally devoted to it, yet have never done anything with either degree. So I am super excited.

OK, so I didn't run this morning, nor did I go to work. The alarm went off and 5 hours later, I realized this and got out of bed. Oops.

But I will see if D wants to go tonight. He said he enjoyed the run on Saturday and his knee was fine. We didn't get to see the new niece yesterday. We are thinking this weekend. D works too late for us to get up there (60-70 miles) at a reasonable time.

I Got Tagged!
Tagging is one way that bloggers connect with each other and each other's blogs. And now I have stalkers... (no, this an inside joke, as my friends think I'm weird as I seem to know more info about people by googling and myspace). I got tagged by AKA Alice (I must be a drinker because I now am thinking of the drinking song, Alice WTF is Alice?) .

So, here are the rules of tagging:

Tagging is easy. Just copy the following onto your post. The rules of the game are posted at the start of your blog post. In this case, I'm asking you 5 questions about running. Each player answers the 5 questions on their own blog. At the end of your post you tag 5 other people and post their names. Go to their blogs and leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been tagged and to look at your blog for details. When they've answered the questions on their own blog, they come back to yours to tell you. Got that?

So here goes:

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

1998, I did not run. However I was on my way to losing 37 pounds (that I gained back when I was married), and walked 3 miles 6 days a week. But running was not in the vocab.

2. What is your best/worst running experience?
My best running experience would be doing the Atlanta's Finest 5K. Of course this was my best time, but it wasn't that. Somewhere in the first and second mile, my feet felt like they were flying. They were really light, and it was just an awesome feeling. I haven't gotten that back yet.

The worst running experience? The Atlanta Run for Hunger (or whatever) 10K. It was March 2 and 80+ degrees. The whole course was hills. I was probably in the best shape I had been in years, and this was my 3rd 10K. I got my worst time. And it ended on a hill. But the end, I was nearly in tears. I now have a phobia of 10K, and if it hadn't been for the blogs out here for me to read, my shoes would have stayed in my closet permanently.

3. Why do you run?

In the beginning it was to lose weight. But then D started doing it with me, and it was a thing we did together and I enjoyed the company (even though we don't run together). Then I was able to go off one of my "crazy" meds for depression and only have to be on one. The overall feeling I get when I run is great. I can sort out my thoughts. Hence why you usually get "What goes through Al's head while she runs blogs."

4. What is the best or worst piece of running advice that you've been given about running?

Drink coffee before you go run. I don't know why I would follow this advice as coffee causes me to have a BM to begin with, that I would drink it before a run. But never again.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

When I dream about me, I have long hair. I haven't had long hair since 1999, I think. I've tried to grow it out twice since I've had it short, but it looks awful...very stringy.

Now, here is who I am tagging...
  1. I'm tagging Duck at Euphoric Agony because she lives in a major city and blogs about running through it. I am jealous, as I can't run on sidewalks without horrible shin splints and avoid them at all costs, thus not be able to run around the city the way I want.
  2. I'm tagging Yas at Seeyasrun - who is training for her first tri. She was very concerned about my weight loss (or lack thereof) awhile ago, and actually took the time to email me about it. I appreciate that, and don't think I ever thanked her.
  3. I'm tagging Karen at Clear My Head, because I like to read about her runs through my fair city. I also enjoy her house blog.
  4. Mrs. Young (I don't know her first name) at Everchanging Lives because I enjoy stalking (or reading) about her, and tend not to comment often.
  5. And I'm tagging Steeler Kelly, because she was one of the people keeping me motivated when I first started running, before I realized motivation comes from within.


Kelly said...

Al - I got tagged by Alice too. LMAO b/c I was thinking stalker too! If I do it, I will sure not to tag the same peeps....

Viv said...

Loved the five running facts AL. It is always fun when I get to learn more about the poeples blogs I enjoy reading.

That was a HUGE 5K.

Carly said...

LMAO at the drinking game reference. Now that song is stuck in my head.

I loved your facts!

Hope said...

Nice post Alb! You and Suba give me hope that my butt can run someday too, but even if I can't, at least I know I gave it a good try.

Marcy said...

LMAo about the coffee! It actually increases your endurance or some shiz like that. But like you, it makes me want to go potty.

AKA Alice said...

I had no idea there was a drinking song about Alice! I learn something new from blogging every day.

I swear I'm not a stalker, but my friends who don't blog also find it a little strange that there are people posting on my blog who I only "know" from the internet


Jen Den said...

I tagged you too. But anyway. I see you've already been tagged.