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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The world through my eyes

I haven't been running since I got home. Why? Because the above picture is better than the way I see without glasses. And I can't run with them...they fog up. Now why I haven't ridden the bike...because MIL bought me an electronic Sudoku game that I am addicted to and I can't seem to make myself do both at the same time. (Excuse # 6439234654)

I lost 4+ pounds on Viv's Challenge. I'm very happy with that considering I ate at least 21 meals out (business trip).

I went to the eye doctor. He thinks that when one of my co-worker's kids had pink eye & my eye mysteriously became goopy soon thereafter is when all the crap began with my eye. Since it has happened twice since then, well he was at a loss, but he said both eyes are inflamed and have no scratches on them. He gave me eye drops/ eye antibiotics. Yay for my insurance that didn't cover any of the visit or the drugs. $526.39 yesterday!!!! I love the insurance that I pay for!!!

On a good note, my prescription hasn't changed so I can keep my coke bottle glasses.

So I haven't been exercising, but after eating 21 meals out straight, I put a moratorium on restaurants and we have been eating in. We have had 2 new recipes this week, so far with 3 more on the horizon. At least I can control my food.

So for planned or eaten today...
Clif Bar (Brownie Flavor)
Diet Coke
Dry-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce
Pork Chops with Hoisin-Molasses Barbecue Sauce
Wasabi Green Beans


Marcy said...

YOu and I are in the same boat. That's about my vision too! LOL

Diario de Elysia said...

OUCH...uhm yeah that is allot of dinero chica!

I love the word HOISEN, it makes me giggle!

Viv said...

That picutre really did a number on me. I am in that high deductible insurance plan which blows! You did really well on the challenge especially with all the traveling.

Delane said...

Lasik eye surgery=eye freedom!!!

AKA Alice said...

The picture made me laugh...I'm the same way w/o my glasses too.

I had some kind of eye infection last summer. Took several trips to the eye doctor (and various kinds of drops) to figure it out. Hope yours clear up sooner.