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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back from vacation

I'm back from Cape San Blas, FL from our 5 year anniversary vacation. We didn't do a trip this year, we just went to the beach. Frankly it was what we needed...a week to do nothing.

Friday July 18... I flew home from Colorado. I actually got to the Denver airport before it was open. So I sat there for 2 hours. I got home around noon, and immediately did laundry. Then D came home from work, and we went to see Clay, and then went to Rathbun's for dinner. It is our yearly dinner there, and as usual it was divine. I would talk about it, but it would make me want to go back and I can't at the moment.

Saturday July 19...we packed and packed up the car, and went to the pharmacy/grocery. I was thinking in advance, and thought that I wouldn't have any other time to go, and I needed a new bc script. Anyway, I think it was "missing a limb" day there. I swear 4 people who weren't together all had limbs missing. This freaked me out, along with all the old people, that I had to leave, and D had to finish getting the provisions (Dog treats, beer, suntan lotion, trashy novel (I left the cart and told him where it was)). So the dogs and I waited in the car, and we started our trip to FL. 4 hours later we were in Euphala, AL at a McDonald's, because I had to use their facilities...I couldn't get there fast enough, but who was slowing me up... a woman missing a leg. I almost wet my pants, because I busted out laughing. So 3 hours later we finally got to the beach, and went out to the beach. The dogs had a great time. Then we went and got "dinner..." there isn't a lot of options. We knew we were beer snobs, because there was no beer to be had...luckily we bought that 12 earlier in the day.

Sunday July 20...we went to the only grocery in a 20-30 mile radius (or so it seems). After spending $180 there, we were still beer less except for our last 6. We stopped and got some shrimp and then found a liquor store that sold liquor (yes, this confused us when a liquor store didn't sell liquor). So we bought some white russian mix, starbuck liqueur, Bailey's, 12 Guinness, 6 Milk Stouts, 6 Sawtooth Ales and 6 420. We got home and went to the beach. We had a lot of fun. Played with the girls, and drank a lot.

Monday July 21... we went to the Big Liquor Store in town (it was closed on Sunday). We got a case of Sierra, 12 Full Sails, and some other stuff. They gave us a discount. Oh we got more Guinness of course. And we went to the beach and drank a lot.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...we drank and went to the beach.

Friday July 25...we went to Apalachicola with the dogs. We took them sailing. The weather was crappy but we had a lot of fun. Guinness acted like she was the captain. She was all over the place. Porter stayed with us but had a great time.

Saturday July 26...we came home. We got home, and then went and had Pizza and went to see Clay for 2 beers.

Sunday...D drove me to the airport. I got back to Colorado with no luggage (thanks, Delta!), and now I'm at work, setting up tests.

D is going to start back running. If I get my luggage, I'll run tomorrow. Else Tuesday. I'm gaining weight. I don't know why...it definitely couldn't be all the beer.


Marcy said...

Looks like a fabulous time chica!! Booze and beaches, what more can you ask for? ;-)

Hope said...

Missing a limb day?


Kelly said...

Glad you had fun Alb!

Robin said...

Why was I not surprised that you saw another missing limb person later in the day?? LMAO!

Glad you and the fam had a great vacation. The pups are too cute!

Diario de Elysia said...

"I'm gaining weight. I don't know why...it definitely couldn't be all the beer."

Of course not.

Sounds like a great vacation and you have some gorgous pups there alb.

Tammy said...

Your vacation sounds fabulous!
Your dogs are too adorable.

Delane said...

looks like you had a fantastic time!

Carly said...

LMAO at Missing Limb Day!

Looks like you guys had a a great time and it was a well deserved vacation.

Yasmin said...

Living in CA all my life I can't get used to not being able to buy liquor when and where you want. The concept of state owned liquor stores, or stores that can only sell beer, wine and malt liquor does not compute.

Also, you have cute dogs.

Viv said...

Missing Limbs...too much Al! I can't believe you had to fly back out after you trip. At least you guys had a great time!!