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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Al 2: Track 1

I got up this morning with my shoulder still bugging me (I slept funny the other night). But it didn't hurt that badly, so I decided to go for a run. That and I needed extra beer points for the KY Derby Party today.

I thought about going to the gym but it was 64, so I decided to go to the track. Was doing fine and at lap 3 decided I would run 3 miles instead of 2. At lap 6, I decided I would quit right there. But I didn't. At lap 7 I noticed my shoulder tightening up and the other shoulder starting to hurt (maybe a compensation thing). At lap 8, I was really hurting and having trouble breathing. I decided I would walk a lap and see how I was doing which in my head meant I wouldn't be running again. Anyway as I was cooling down (the walking thing), the sky turned black and it started thundering. So I picked up my pace and finished. But I'm done for the day.
Time: 28:08(run)
Mileage 2.0 (14:04 min/mile)...horrible time but it is done!!
Time: 22:36 (walk)
Mileage 1 (22:36)
Calories: 660
Max HR 193
Avg HR 166
In Zone 12:16
Oh, and if you didn't notice, the tracker moved 0.9.


Viv said...

Congrats on the ticker move! Way to get it done. Some runs just sucketh but you got the beer points backed :-)
Enjoy your Saturday.

Carly said...

Nice job on the run and the moving ticker.