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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What goes down must come back up

No, it's not a post about vomit. I live on the top of a hill. Anyone who has been to my neighborhood has commented that it would be a hard run. blah, blah, blah.

So thanks to a link Duck had which I found better than map my run, I checked out my hood to see if I could run 3 miles. I could. So Guinness and I started out with a .25 mile walk so she could do her business. Then we started.

Down the big hill and we took a right. (A) Up the hill and around the culdesac twice (B) . And down the hill. Another right (C) to the end of the subdivision and turn back around (D) and back up the hill. Continue up the hill and take a right (E). Still up the hill and take a right (F)and down the hill. Come back around and back up the hill. Out of the subdivision. To the jail and back (G). Take a left. (H) Take another left (I). By now I should have gone a mile. Back to the jail (J) and back and a left again(K). Pass street and run to the Prostitute Penis Truck(L). Turn around and take a left(M). Take another left and to the church by the Penis Truck(N). Back again, and another left. Down to the crack house (not really) (O), and back. Take another left. Up a slight hill and dead. Left again(P) and by the school. To the main road and back again (Q). Looking at the hill. Knowing if I go down it I have to come back up. I didn't take that left. (R)

SOOOOO Guinness and I went straight and took another left (S) on our way back. We were supposed to take a left, but we took a right and ran back to the jail (G) and back and then back to the subdivision. We thought we would let it all hang out at the hill all the way down to the house, except, I live on a hill, so we ran up the hill past the house to the end of the street (T) and back (FINISH) .I swallowed some vomit. We came inside and Guinness got water, I walked around.

Then I unleashed her and leashed Porter and she and I went for a .75 mile cool down. Sooooo....

Time: 47:25(run)
Mileage 3.14 (15:06 min/mile)...horrible time but it is done!!
Time:30:00 (walk)
Mileage 1 (30)
Calories: 977
Max HR 188
Avg HR 164
In Zone 21:38

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Viv said...

That is not horrible time with hills. Great job Al!! I avoid hills at all costs.
LOL at you hood description!