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Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 Miles and a Great Hairdo

Where have I been? I was resting my legs after Viv ran her marathon. LOL! I have just been lazy. So I got up and went for a run today (after my breakfast at Einstein Brothers with D). So it was 69 degrees (69, heheheheheh...I'm such a child). I decided to go to the traack.
So I walked my warmup lap, and started mile 1. Around lap 3, I decided I would run 4 miles. Mile 1 was fine. Track to myself, basically. There was a guy who would run a lap and then go somewhere and then come back. Anyway...I started Mile 2. I knew I was not going to break any world records. It was rather boring. I heard lots of birds, and wondered when I started living in the country.

Mile 3 started and I decided I would only run the 12 laps. On lap 11, I decided that I would finish my 4 miles. I wasn't happy with this thought, by actually all the way to lap 14 was pretty fast (in my mind). Lap 15, I probably could have walked faster. Lap 16 was long. I thought I must be nuts because people don't take a week off and then run 4 miles, and what was up with me. Then 16 was over, and I walked 3 more laps for the cool down, for a total of 5 miles.
During my walk, I now had 3 people on the track, and I noticed they all were looking at me. I figured it was because no one ever saw such a good looking specimen as me. I got in my car and drove home. I passed 2 people with mohawks (which I snickered at). I passed one more person, and they pointed. So I got home and checked my hair. Well it turns out, I had a righteous 'do. When I run, my hands sweat, and I run them in my head.
So I decided to grace you all with my lovely 'do.

Have a good Memorial Day.

Time: 59:25(run)
Mileage 4 (14:51 min/mile)
Mileage 1 (22.03)
Calories: 1064
Max HR 185
Avg HR 164

Update: Beer, glorious beer.... I am drunk and need to get off now. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Zone 27:08


Marcy said...

Nah, I think you had it right the FIRST time! "no one ever saw such a good looking specimen as me" THAT's RIGHT!!! ;D

Diario de Elysia said...

LOVE that pic! Ha ha ha, yeah you think you have a freaky do, you should see my fro when I am done running. Yikes!

Viv said...

HAAHAA love it! First off way to talking yourself through all those laps!
I don't think it was the hair I agree with they have just never witnessed such a fine specimen...
Confidence is key :-D

Yasmin said...

I love bagels and Einstein Bros is on my list of yumminess.

Yes, I know you wrote about running, but I couldn't get past the food.

Kelly said...



I thought you were going to say that there were in a meet or an official race or something and you were just randomly running on their track.

But OMG, lmao at the picture...too funny.

Robin said...

That is one hawt pompadour!


Susan (aka Suba) said...

Alb, I love you!

Jen Den said...

HOTNESS!!!!!! Mmmmmm beer.