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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

4 days left until my race and ramblings about my shoes

I have 4 days left until I am going to do the Race for the Cure. Today I am going to bike or walk.

So I started thinking about my shoes. I started with New Balance 816s.

I loved these shoes. Anyway I got them in Dec 2006 after I decided I was going to do the Breast Cancer 3-day. I went to New Balance and a pimply 16 year old had me walk across a computer on the floor. He asked me some questions about height and weight, and these were the shoes. Well, I decided I wasn't going to do the 3-day. Instead around March I decided I would start Running and started a program called Couch to 5K. You basically run a 5K in 9 weeks. After 18 weeks, I was able to do one. And I signed up for a 10K to do in September. Well somewhere in that training I decided my 816s were walking shoes.

So to the running store I went. Not to the New Balance Store. But I went to the famous Atlanta running store that an Olympian who has his own Marathon Running Method opened. After 2 hours getting 2 sales people to look at my gait, I walked out with a pair of Mizunos. I returned them the next day and got the New Balance 857s. I ran in them and my feet hurt like they were in a pair of Asics. (Note, I don't think Asics are bad, they aren't good for my foot). At this point I was running on a treadmill. So I tried them on the track.

3 miles and my feet hurt. Damn. So I ended up with a pretty (expensive) pair of every day sneakers. What ticked me off about this whole thing was that the running store which is widely known in Atlanta didn't even have NB 816s or that they didn't carry shoes with motion control. So computer and teenager turn out to actually know things.

So I didn't have much mileage with my 816s and it turns out they are running shoes. And they are good for fat chicks! In December, I ran a 10K and a 5-miler. In both of them, around mile 4 my feet were uncomfortable. So I decided I would get another pair and treat myself.
Low and behold, I go to the New Balance Store, and they discontinued my beloved 816s.
They had over 270 miles on them because I didn't count all the Couch to 5K things.
The 17 year old sale guy (who I gave kudos to his manager) set me up with 817s. These things were ugly. Green and Red. But I put them on my feet and they felt good.

I trained for my next 10K in them. I still like my 816s better, but maybe it is that secret love affair or the romance that you always associate with your first. I don't know... But the 817s have now crossed the 100 mile marker. And they are still holding up. So they aren't really a bad fit.

Time: 29:30(walk)
Mileage 1.0 (29:30 min/mile)
Calories: 159
Max HR 126
Avg HR 106
In Zone 8:23


The Young Family said...

Best wishes to you on your race - I wanted to let you know that my hubby recently lost 70lbs and I lost 35 pounds.  It is not an easy road, so I admire that you are putting your self out there and doing it "online" if that makes sense!  Em

Viv said...

...love affair. Al your too much. I think it could have been the you always remember your first. Good luck this weekend but I will run into ya b4 than. I hope the bike went well. i wish I could gather all my bikey friends and we could ride togheter. I can dream right??!!

Yasmin said...

I need to keep better track of my shoe mileage.

I understand the shoe frustration. I've gotten a couple different pairs that suck. Asics don't like my feet either.

Tammy said...

Asics and my feet are in love... But, I still remember my first... NB 851's...


I always hate when they change the shoes!

Oh, and I'm gonna link you back!

Carly said...

I always hate when they discontinue my shoes. Because once I find one that works nothing else will do.