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Thursday, May 22, 2008


A post nothing about running.

So, as you know, I don't live in the best of neighborhoods. I watched the city tear down the public housing project by my house. I can't go to the nearest gas station because there are too many shootings, and the 2nd closest one has too many prostitutes. I'm pretty sure lots of children are left behind in the school.

However, I'm not an urban pioneer, most of my neighbors have jobs, and there aren't a lot of foreclosures. When people get robbed or vandalized, your heart breaks whether it was a BMW or a KIA that broken.

Overall the neighborhood is a community, and everyone knows it is outsiders who do the crap. It doesn't matter if your house was $500K or $50K.

But enough of that.

Every Spring, we have that annoying thing in Atlanta called the Braves. Where all the suburbanites trek down to the Big City so they can say they have been to it (the city) once this year, and they bitch about the traffic (yet won't allow public transit into their areas) etc. Well, to get home, I have to pass the GA Dome and the Ted. So as you can imagine, they don't typically put stadiums next to $million homes, so I travel through some dilapidated places.

And without fail, some white idiot (I have yet to have a black person nearly kill me while they are trying to park their car) in an SUV will decide he can park his car at a public lot for $15 (which makes me laugh because Turner Field's parking is $12). This is after he has decided he was too good to follow the signs directing him to the stadium and took a "short-cut." He decides this $15 parking thing while he is in the right lane (of a 5 lane road) and makes a left. And can't understand where my big OFF-RED Car has come from. And flips me off.

Or better yet, because I seem to know where I'm going (or because I am white), people follow me. I love that, because then I purposely drive in the wrong direction and then whitey has to make a u-turn because there are 2-5 black tweens on a corner (heaven forbid).

So we are almost into summer, and the Braves are looking good (I guess Chipper has herpes...that's when his batting average goes up...perhaps he'll find another Hooter's waitress to cheat on his wife with and marry)... No one better hit my car, or I'll will be living in a nice big house in the suburbs. That's all I have to say.


Marcy said...

Ahhhhhh how I love "other" drivers. Not really LOL

Diario de Elysia said...

So I guess when we drive down to see the Braves, we should park at Turner stadium?

Thanks for the heads up. :/

Viv said...

I am a HUGE Astros fan..literally. so I hate the Braves. That is all...
Be careful till Oct.

Robin said...

Booooooo Braves! And to think, I almost got the chance to go to a game with you last year. We could have mocked the morons together!