Weight I have lost

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check out the ticker

.8 more down. Woohoo, me!

Run tonight, if I don't fall down over the million of errands. Stamps went up, gas went up, and so did my hair dryer. Sheesh. It never ends.

You so know I'm running. Check back tonight for an update (if you care).

Since when did hairdryers get tourmaline and valvoline and car terms? What happened to "I want one with a On/Off switch." Some were $200. I got mine for $25. It is hot pink. It has 3 buttons on it.

I got in the car and sat for 2 hours in traffic for no accidents, just rain to go 34 miles. So no run...


Viv said...

Great job with the WL. That ticker keep sliding to the right!

Ditto on the everything going up.

Betta Getcha ur 3 done. LOL @ ATL cops.

Marcy said...


Oy, I hear you with the prices. We just got home from grocery shopping. Everything is jacked up. BAH!

Carly said...

Nice weightloss!!!!!

Ugh....I hear you on the prices. At least running is free (sorta)

Tammy said...

Great Loss!

I would probably have a meltdown if I had to live with traffic like that...