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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You checked and saw no update, yesterday

So naturally you assumed I didn't run. Ha! You are wrong. I made dinner. This cooking thing is for the birds. Then I watched Law and Order: Criminal Intent. That ended at 7:30 (dinner ended at 7:15). I decided I would watch half of Special Victims, and wouldn't you know it, they put one on that I had not seen.

So at 8:15 I found my running clothes. I finished watched SVU, and then went to the gym, since it was going to be too dark to run in my hood, or at the track. Even with Guinness.

I got there, and walked .2 miles on the treadmill. I had to laugh because my friend was telling me about Workout on Bravo, and I said it is on too late, plus the lady looks like a bitch. Guess what was on. But I didn't watch it (I look down when I run, so TV is never a distraction on the treadmill).

So I started at 4.2 on my run. Moved up to 4.3. At 10 minutes I moved it to 4.6. All this at a Level 0 incline. At 13:50 I finished the first mile. I told myself to run at this pace until 20 minutes. Around 20 minutes, the Level 2 incline kicked in. I said, "Oh run until 25 minutes." I was past 2 miles at 26:50 and around a level 3.5 incline. It went back down to level 2. Still on 4.6. At 30 minutes, I started having trouble breathing so I took it down to 3.5 mph and walked. I told myself I was done. Then I "mentally" kicked myself in the forehead and said, "No, walk until 32 minutes, and then start back up." So I started back at 32 minutes, and ramped up to 4.4 mph. I hit 3 miles in the 41 minute range. I kicked it up to 4.7 and crossed 3.1 at 42:24.
Then I walked .8 miles.

Today is a DOR.

Time: 42:24(run)
Mileage 3.1 (13:41 min/mile).
Mileage 1 (23.06)
Calories: 767
Max HR 186
Avg HR 156
In Zone 21:30


Viv said...

Good for you for getting to the gym for your run! I woulda called it a bed & PJ time.

Marcy said...

Ooooo thanks for reminding me! I have to put in my digits from yesterday into Breaking the Tape!

Alright chica! Great job!

Tammy said...

Great job getting that run in, Alb!

I'm with Viv. Once it gets that late, I'm in my PJ's.

Kelly said...

Great job!! I too am impressed with your resolve to get that run in. I do the mental pep talks too..."Just get to the fire hydrant...okay now to the light pole...now to the red car..." Funny how you can psych yourself into it!