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Monday, April 28, 2008

I did it!!

I got my ass out and went running. It was about 65 degrees and breezy. A perfect day to go to the track. I took Guinness with me, because she needed to expend some energy. She pranced around the track at my slow pace. I was going to only go 2 miles, but pushed the extra .5. Our cool down is deceiving in time, because there were some young kids on the track that wanted to pet Guinness, so she behaved well for them.

Time: 36:48 (run)
Mileage 2.5 (14:43 min/mile)...horrible time but it is done!!
Time: 30:18 (walk)
Mileage 1 (30:18)
Calories: 703
Max HR 185
Avg HR 149


Robin said...

Isn't it ridiculous how many more calories you burn running than anything else? People try to tell me "you can get the same benefits from walking." Not true if you consider one of the benefits to be the ability to eat more! :)

Carly said...

Nice job! I am jealous of your 65 degrees. We are still getting snow!

Tammy said...

Great job!

Now, if only I could get my dog to behave without constant reminding, instead of making a fool of himself all the time!

Viv said...

Wohoo that you got you a run in. I know you had been feeling a lil shady.

Yasmin said...

LMAO at "if you count one of the benefits to be the ability to eat more" because I do.

Glad you ran and that doggy was good for the kids.