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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Atlanta Pollen Count

No wonder I feel like shit...
120 is considered really high.
And Friday it was 3243???

Atlanta Pollen Count

So unless something changes, between now and tonight, I'm just taking a DOR. Of course it isn't really. I already went to Targhetto (you in the 'burbs have Tarjay, I have Targhetto). I spent more than I planned on C's bday present, but that little girl is just so cute. I got nothing with noise though... a Dr. Seuss Book, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a toothbrush.

So a birthday party, cleaning the bedroom, and doing laundry. Getting one room pollen free... I think the bedroom is probably the worst room for it since the dogs drag it in and sleep on the bed.

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Viv said...

Oh yea, the pollen is so terrible. I got a couple cortisone shots when it got outta control. I waited too long and developed a sinus infection.
Keep a watch on it.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!