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Friday, April 11, 2008

So I'm allergic to turkey, but I knew that

I am having the repercussions of "when turkey attacks" today. Just very tired and not with the program. 5:30AM came and went without me noticing so obviously I didn't run 2 miles.

Went to work and kind of just sat there. Did some work, but still dragging. Drove home and decided I would run. On the way home I had such a coughing attack, I actually had to pull over and get everything hacked up and out which wasn't pretty.

So I really have no desire to go outside with the pollen, and I'm sluggish. I decided to take a nap for 2 hours and then I would ride my bike. My reasoning for this was the bike (stationary recumbent) doesn't involve much balance, and it is next to the bathroom.

So I did it.
Time: 47
Mileage 11.1 (4:14 min/mile)
Calories: 303
Max HR 129
Avg HR 114

It is done...yay!

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Viv said...

Great job on getting on the chillax bike. it doesn't sound like you were feelin' too great.
Got those calories burned!!