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Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 Miles done

OK, I woke up at 5:30 AM, and thought about running. I didn't. I woke up at 8 and thought about running, I didn't. I did have bfast and goofed around the house, and noticed my head and throat are killing me. I went back to bed and at 1PM, I thought about running. I did.

I went to the gym. I decided I would run the 5K circuit (walk .2, run 2, walk .9) because it didn't require much thinking. Got through the walk, and started the run. I run really slowly, so I was at the high pace of 4.3. After .5 miles ( I think) , I stepped it up to 4.7. I don't really know how far I ran at that pace. But I did notice my throat was closing and I was more sweaty than usual. I took it down to 4.5. I ran at that for awhile and then I was getting tired. But I finished. Time for 2 miles was 26:58. Then I had to walk. The pace went to 1.0. I walked that until I nearly tripped myself up. Moved it up to 3 and walked .7 miles at this pace. But my Heart Rate was at 163 at the end of this, so I set the pace at 2.7. It fell to 141, and then I was done. Thank God.

I ended up talking to the trainer for a minute. Well just listening to him. I needed to sit in a chair and he was at his desk. When my HR finally got to 119, I decided to go home.

Then I saw the best thing ever. GATORADE!!!

So here are the stats:
Time: 26.58 for the run
Mileage 2 (13.29 min/mile)
Time 24 for the walk
Mileage: 1.1 (21:49/mile)
Calories: 664
Max HR 185
Avg HR 164
In zone (148-166): 22:46 min

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Viv said...

Get some rest, Alb. sounds like that body is trying to fight something :-)