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Friday, January 29, 2010

In the Middle of Training for the Half Marathon

So I'm in the middle of Week 3 of training.

Week 1 - Missed a 30 minute cross
Week 2- Missed a Lift
Week 3- Not done yet.

So far I've run more than I ever have. It looks like January will be the month of 6.4 pounds lost, and nearly 60 miles run.

My 4 mile run Sunday was slow. Probably because my legs were tired from the 5K the day before (I moved the 3 mile run from Thursday to Saturday because I had a date to see Leonardo da Vinci's sketches and have a glass of wine).

Tuesday D and I had the day off, so we decided to run outside. He took SB and I took G-dog for a 3.5 mile run. They both ran 4 miles the week before on the track fine. But we know (or knew) G runs at my pace for 4 miles fine, but can only run 2 with D before she is tired. Anyway, we ran in the 'hood, which is mostly hills. I saw D at mile .25, mile .7 and mile 1.8. At the first 2 sightings, he had SB with him. At the last sighting, SB was not there. D said it was a 50 pound weight he was dragging. SB was sniffing, and all over the place, and had majorly slowed down. So he took him home, and resumed his run. Also he was checking out his Garmin (2nd time he used it).

My run was ho-hum. Gdog and I ran. She kept going to the bathroom. Lots. It was a nice day. The terrorist dogs were out, although the German Shepherd wasn't. We couldn't go down BellSouth road because there was a loose dog out there, and I couldn't tell if it was stray or not. We were doing well and almost done the run (3.1 miles) when G decided she didn't want to go anymore. Unfortunately we were .4 miles from home and on our way home, so there was no way to cut the run short. She finished it, but at a much slower pace than what I'm used to her doing. I guess I'm not taking her out for a 5 miler this weekend.

Wednesday, I just wanted to sit on the couch. I even told D, we could move all the workouts and still get them in. He instead said to get dressed, and off to the gym we went for a 2 miler.

Thursday, D had off, so he ran outside. I didn't have the day off, so I didn't run outside. At 630pm, I was sitting on the couch. At 7 I finally got up and got dressed and off to the gym. I had to think about how to run the 3.5. I could take the easy way out and run 3.5 straight and flat. Instead I ran .4 miles flat and then put on the 5K circuit. I finally measured (again) how long the hill is on the circuit. .96 miles. The hill starts when you hit 1.75 and stops at 0.79. I did most of the run at a 4.5 pace. I got through the first 2 2%s at that pace, but the 3.5% killed me. I slowed down to 4.1. Then the next 2%, I ran at 4.2 and the next 2% at 4.3. I ran the rest at 4.5.

Nothing interesting on...Someone put on the Syfy channel, but I don't know what they were watching. And I wonder how much the lady next to me ran vs. what she thinks she ran.
She was doing the run walk thing except she was doing the run, hop on the sides of the treadmill for a minute, every 3 minutes. She was running at a 6.3 pace, but the mill was still running for that minute. So I wondered how much she really ran.

She left and I was left to my own devices. I finished and walked .7 miles (I walked .3 to warmup). My legs feel shot. Tonight is a 1 mile sprint and then weight lifting.


mommie2lea said...

Awesome month with a great loss and amazing mileage!!! Congrats!

I have seen that with people on treadmills at the gym. One guy had his treadmill on a crazy incline and going almost 7 MPH, and he was literally hanging on a bar above the treadmill with his arms supporting so much of his weight that his toes were just brushing the treadmill as it moved underneath him.

Had he actually put any weight on his feet, he might have broke a sweat the 30 minutes that he was "on" the treadmill. Wonder if he wonders why he still has a gut on his when he is "running" at 7 MPH with a huge incline for 30 minutes without breaking a sweat, LOL????

Lisa said...

wow - you are having a great month. way to start off the new year!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Great mileage for the month!!!

Crazy people and there crazy treadmill habits!

Carolina John said...

Rock on girl. that's some fantastic weight loss and mileage. we should all work that hard.

Julie said...

Wow great mileage for the month!!!!

Missy said...

Yay for dragging you out when you didn't want to go. Sometimes, that's all it takes.