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Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 3 of HM Training is DONE!!!

January finished with 64.77 miles run/walked.
Yesterday was my 5 miler. I contemplated not doing it.

Friday, after spending $$$ at Toyota on my 30K tuneup (no my car wasn't recalled), I came home. Between leaving the dealership and going home, my throat got sore. I got tired. D had the beer poured (Bell's Java Stout) when I got home. We ate. He was doing the dishes and I was dozing off.

At 630pm I said I was going to bed. At 8am I woke up. I probably would have slept later but Scuttlebutt wasn't feeling well, and puked so up to clean that up.

I pretty much did nothing and then got up and got ready to go to lunch with M and B, meet M's new boyfriend, and introduce them all to Scuttlebutt. SB was not on his best behaviour. He stood on B's head, jumped several times on M and the BF, and scared M's daughter J. So after 5 minutes we went to lunch. Fox Bros, again. Yum. I introduced them to the Tomminator and I think everyone liked it. B dropped me off and I took a nap. D came home and we watched Sunny in Philly and had some Guinness.

Sunday, we went to breakfast and then I came home. I made a grocery list and went to the store...now it is even more Kroghetto as there was a drive-by shooting there a few hours after I left. Woohoo! I took SB for a walk and was out of breath, so I came home and took a nap.

5miles would be happening on the treadmill, I thought. D got home at 4, so before I could think about it, we changed and went outside. We walked up the hill and went. I was doing ok...breathing a little hard, but eh. I ran past the terrorist dogs, and got to BellSouth st. This is my favorite street of the run, because it is deceivingly long (like .3 miles) but only feels really quick. Well some guy was outside of a home. Last year, a black guy who always fixed his Acura Integra lived there. Last week, an obese woman (I think...hard to tell) was standing outside yelling to God knows what, and a stray dog was out, so I missed the road last week (I was with Guinness). This week, a Hispanic Man was out. He asked where I lived. I gave him the address of the elementary school. He then told me it wasn't safe for me to be running by myself. Totally creeped me out. On top of that, I didn't have Guinness since she didn't do 3.5 miles well last week. So no more running on BellSouth st. Anyway, I ran up the other street where the Friday house used to be. I haven't seen anyone around there, so I'm not sure if it is too cold to sit out front and smoke pot, or if they have moved. On one of my other various laps on another street, a little boy was walking. I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me. He wanted to know where my dog was. Finally I finished 4.5 miles, and went back home. I ran in a small circle from 4.7 to 5.0 to complete the run and the week.


COTY said...

yay ! Way to get out there :O)

Jen said...

Good job... getting out there is half the battle.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Sounds like my neighborhood...It's like built out of "pockets of weird". You have phenomenal taste in beer, it would seem...

GeorgiaSnail said...

Way to stick out that 5 miler!!! You are going to own that Half - Mary!

Julie said...

Great mileage for the month!!! I'm not sure I would want to run outside in your neighborhood! :)