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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I learned what turtles are

So in my sheltered life, turtles were these chocolate candies. Now 3 Musketeers (herck!) has come out with a turtle bar. Apparently, in D's world turtles are something completely different. But look quite the same. So I don't think I'll be ever eating a turtle again.

I have not worked on the doorbell. That's because when cleaning the shower, I took the caulk off the bottom. Which needed repair. Well then when was the last time I sealed the grout. So that's what I have been doing.

My runs have been ok. This is our last week of membership at the gym. I am sad about that. I like the gym. But that whole saving money thing...

I ran 3 miles today in 38 minutes.


sAm said...

I quit my membership last fall. I am now looking EVERYWHERE for places to cut so I can get it back - especially running in the winter in Michigan. Just get me through to the warmer months!!

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Hahaha! Apparently, I am sheltered as well.

So...ever thought of jumping rope? I just started and totally suck, of course, but it's still an amazing indoor cross-train/cardio activity. I just do it for 5 minutes and then go into lunges, squats, wall pushups, and cruches. Pretty good little workout. I bought my rope at Sports Authority for 5.99!

Aka Alice said...


I too will now have to swear off turtles. Thanks for the visual ;-)

Hey, good job on the run this weekend. Didn't I see on FB that you had a really great long run?