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Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Week Mind Dump

So I still don't have a job. However, for the most part I have been pretty happy. I have my bad days (which coincide on days I don't run). I have also become addicted to Las Vegas on TV. Horrible show. I can't get enough!

After MIL and SIL left to go back to Snowmageddon on Feb 8th, I set forth on fixing the dryer. I determined everything worked that I could see. However I couldn't get the drum out.

After some cussing, I gave up and we took SB to dog training. The dog is perfect if you have treats. Otherwise a holy terror.

Tuesday I talked to my dad. We raced to see who could do a 15 minute diagnosis faster: me on the dryer or him on his car. I believe I won. I got the drum off and saw the heating element broken in 3 places. It took me 3 hours. I ordered the part, and was done with that for the rest of the week.

Running has occurred. I have hit every run. Maybe not on the day. Although we notice I am much happier on days I run.

D and I ran a fast 4 miles on Saturday. Yay, because we went out for Vday that day. Tres Leches Cake...yum!

This past Monday I finished fixing the dryer. This was after a 6 mile run on Sunday. My legs hurt so bad. Installing a heater element is an odd angle fix, and oh my back and thighs.

Tuesday I didn't run, but went to the GYN (before insurance runs out), got my car tag and did some errands). GYN and I have been talking about my weight for a year. We already know my thyroid is smack dab in the middle of fine. He suggested increasing vitamin D3. I'll buy some on the next visit to the grocery. Although I'm losing weight, he thinks it should be coming off a little faster considering the intensity of exercise. Also I'm not drinking, so...

Thursday was busy. It was my birthday, the anniversary of my grandmother's death, a 2 mile run, a desperate need for light bulbs and a job interview. I ran 2 miles the fastest I have ever run it. I have started running with my iPod again (I can't hear the music in the gym or it isn't good), and My Chemical Romance is a great band to run to. Also a 9 minute Daughter from Pearl Jam is good too. After I did that, I went to McDonald's where I promptly broke Lent by getting a birthday Diet Coke.

Then I went to Ace and got lightbulbs. They needed my ID for my CC and I gave them my TSA ID (no, I don't work for them...there was a possibility I would work at different ports so I needed the ID). Anyway Ace gave me a military discount. I felt bad since I don't defend my country's freedom the way the soldiers do, except at the moment, I'll take whatever discount I can get.

Got home, and studied for the job. Talked to my aunt. My cousin is looking for a job too, and she couldn't believe the rudeness of different HR companies. She was shocked that you don't hear anything after an interview unless you ask. At 3 I left for the interview, 18 miles away. The interview was at 430. I was late. 9 car pileup on first interstate. And 285 was shut down. I called since I could see the building I needed to get to. And I rode down the emergency lane and got there. A bit frazzled. Now who would schedule an interview at 430 on a Thursday in Atlanta? The interview was eh...I knew 10 seconds after meeting the guy I didn't have the job. I got out of there at 530. We had reservations at 7. At 6 when I finally got to the interstate, I talked to D. I burst into tears. Then I talked to V. She told me all her problems and I felt better. I finally got to the restaurant (11 miles away) at 645. Props to our waitress who had a beer ready for me, by the time I sat down. Awesome. M and B and M's bf joined us. It was good. Much to my surprise M and B picked up the tab.

On the way home, I talked to my brother. I told him if he called to tell me someone died, to just wait until Friday (he had to call and tell me last year my gma died). No one died. We talked about Ovi and Crosby and hockey. I love him. (AWWWWWWWWWWWWW).

I got home, and D's mom called to wish me a happy birthday. She and FIL were going to come in March but Snowmageddon has torn down a porch so they aren't sure now. After talking to them, I went to bed. Yesterday was not so great (I didn't run).

Today, I ran 4 miles. Tomorrow is only 5K. Taper week. I got my flush letter from the interview, so more resumes, cover letters, "I know your colleague" letters. Yay.

Oh and now the doorbell is broken. It broke when the FedEx guy rang it to bring me my dryer part.


mommie2lea said...

A belated Happy Birthday!!!! And I must say that I am very impressed with your dryer diagnosis and repair skills... wow.

You seem to be weathering this rough time well. I hope a great job comes to you soon.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Happiest of belated birthdays to you, badass mechanic!

Sounds like the running is kicking ass for you. Best of luck to you on the job hunt.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

Great job on the dryer...my washer needs fixed...I've been debating if I should try it...I think it would be much easier then your dryer, you've given me the courage to try it. Thanks!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Happy Birthday!!! Great job getting the dryer up and running!

I have my bad days (which coincide on days I don't run).

That statement speaks volumes!

Lisa said...

happy birthday albeit a bit late

and i'm impressed that you fixed the dryer. great job!

best wishes with the job hunt.

and good job with your running :-)

Delane said...

Happy b-day, well have a beer this weekend to celebrate :-)