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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gatorade was My Dessert

So I really didn't think I was going to run yesterday. I drove home from work, and I had about a 40 minute head start on D. We tied getting home. It was dark and cold and 6pm. We walked the pups and had to make the decision: eat then run, or run then eat. We ate first. I didn't care for what we had, but that's ok. While sitting there watching Bones, I decided I was still hungry and I wanted something with sugar.

Well the only thing with sugar in our house is Gatorade. And it is in the garage, by the car that I should use to drive to the gym. So upstairs, I went and changed. D changed. We put Scuttlebutt in his "place" and Gdog just wandered around. In the garage I grabbed 2 bottles of Gatorade, and opened one. It was so good. What kind of weirdo craves Gatorade?

We went to the gym and the big treadmills were all full. The little ones were not. So I did the 5K workout on a little one. Much easier than the big treadmills. There is only 1 hill and it is a 2%. The big ones have 2 2%, 1 3.5% and 2 2% hills. So needless to say I ran almost a flat 5K. I guess I have to change the level or something.

I finished my run and my cooldown and finished the first Gatorade. Dee-lish-us! D and I went to the car, and surprise, I'd forgotten about the 2nd one. Hooray.

Today my legs feel very sore. 2 miles tonight. Argh!

And I have to decide today if I'm going to do the Triangle Tri. My entry will be free because my work is a sponsor or sponsoring workers or something. We'd have to pay for D, but it is for charity so tax write-off.

And I still haven't decided about Pearl Jam and Ireland.

I bought D a Garmin 305 today. He wanted one at Christmas, but they were $200 and I had only paid $170 for mine, so I was being cheap. Amazon had them today for $167, so yay. Next is a new Polar F6 since I stole D's. He also announced today he wants it back. So I either have to find mine (hahahahaha) or get a new one. I have a gc to Amazon so I'll use it for that. (no I didn't use it for the Garmin, because I got the gc after I ordered it.)

Update: I know the Garmin has an HRM. I just find it highly inaccurate. As in it gives me 1000 calories for 30 minutes of stationary bike work, and 300 calories for a 6 mile run. So I choose not to use it. I just wear 2 watches, the Polar and the Garmin.


GeorgiaSnail said...

did the 305 come with a HR monitor?

RockstarTri said...

Snail's right. You should be able to use your 305 as a HRM. If it didn't come with a strap you should be able to just buy that. Foot pod might be a better investment for using the 305 indoors on a t-mill.

Carolina John said...

cool, you're going to love the 305. at least you got in a good treadmill run too. keep it up al!

Missy said...

At least you got to the gym to run, once I'm at the house, I'm done 'fer and don't wanna leave.

I crave Gatorade sometimes and Coke other times, it's weird. Body needs sugar/salt sometimes.

Robin said...

The Garmin calculates calories based on the same types of calculations as the machines at the gym. Even though it gives you your heart rate, it doesn't base calories on it. Which I find highly annoying because, with all the other features, they couldn't figure out a way to put that in there???

Oh, and sign up for the tri. You'll be happy if you do it. Just sayin.