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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

May Wonders Never Cease

It is Wednesday morning, and I have already run today. Wow!

Monday was weight lifting day. As a warm-up, I walked .21 miles, ran 1 mile, and walked .29 miles. I ran my mile in under 12 minutes. That is the fastest this year!!! 11:59 to be exact. Woohoo! Weight lifting was there. I'm not really into it, and being that the gym was full of noobs that won't be there come February, it was a bit annoying, but eh. I don't really like weights, but D likes them, and I do like the spreadsheet I keep to see my improvement.

Yesterday I picked up Scuttlebutt from his nut-hacking. The nurse is telling me he is to be calm and no rough-housing. This, as he body-slams himself into the wall. And he had already had a sedative. LOL! I took him home and he immediately went to "place." He seemed calmer last night, but that may be the sedative he took at 6pm.

Anyway, I didn't run last night. I was hungry and by the time the food digested, it was time for the Orange Bowl which didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. So eh.

D had the day off today, which meant I couldn't hit snooze 5 million times, so on the first alarm, I got up, put on my gym stuff and went. I was surprised how empty the gym was at 615. Even emptier at 730. Anyway, I walked .3 miles and ran the 5K circuit. I found on the dreadmill it is easy to cheat, which is why I don't like it. I didn't run 2 level 2 hills, although I ran 2 level 2 and a level 3.5. I slowed way down on those though. I did the 5K at 43:35. Then I walked .7 miles to get my HR down.

I came home, D was still in bed. So I got ready for work and walked the pups. Which woke him up. They love to love on him. Jealous, I reluctantly left for work.


Delane said...

great job.

I get final word this week if I can start running again.

Carolina John said...

fast miles feel great, don't they? you know you did the same amount of work, got greater aerobic benefit, and saved a little time. Well done!

Lisa said...

well done! woot!