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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I really liked the link feature today

So last week, I did my running and Thursday I stopped to rest for my 5K on Saturday. Well, the roads of Atlanta iced over by rain, water main breaks, etc. so on Friday while sitting at home (not at work...I don't drive in that shit), the race director called and said the 5K was postponed. Kind of funny considering it was called the Frostbite 5K, but if I don't drive in that crap, I certainly don't run in it (I do walk in it, because I love Guinness and Scuttlebutt soooo much).

So Saturday rolled around and D said, "Let's go to the gym." We had a million other things to do, so of course, I said, "OK." We went up to the gym...main road great, side roads iced! We ran a 5K on the treadmill, I walked a mile, and he told me he would make me chili for dinner (he was going to a hockey game...he drives in this shit). So I called the people we were going to see to tell them we weren't going to make it because of the ice (they thought I was weird, because north of us it was all clear), and D made chili and I took a nap. I woke up to watch GT beat Duke (yes!).

D got ready and left. I made the spaghetti for my chili and got a beer. I didn't open my Terrapin Brown but instead decided to track all my points in WeWa. At 50 points, I put the beer back, and watch SVU, and Top Gear and pouted I couldn't have a beer (damn Bacon Mac for lunch!).

It was an exciting Saturday for me. Sunday we went and saw our nieces. We were going to lift weights but I didn't want to. This activity is supposed to be Monday's activity but SB is getting obedience training, so we are moving the HM training around.

Monday rolled around, and SB's training got pushed back. So we went to the gym. Another mile run 11:52 this time. I thought I was going faster, although this is 8 seconds faster than last weeks mile. Another .5 miles walked and weights lifted.

So Week1 Day 1 of HM was completed.

In other news, I'm trying to convince myself to go to Ireland to see Pearl Jam. D is on board with whatever I decide. I just don't want to put the money on the CC and I don't have the funds available at this time, so that would be irresponsible. At the same time Pearl Jam in Ireland!!!!


Delane said...

wtg on putting the beer back, it amazing when you track how you put things back.

Ireland + Perl Jam = awesome

Europe + Euro/Dollar Conversion = Suckage

Amazon Runner said...

I've always wanted to go to Ireland as my mother's family was from there, and I LOVE Pearl Jam, so I WISH I could go. Dang!

Looks like you're remaining active throughout the winter and that's not an easy thing to do-- so pat yourself on the back.

Spring will be here before we kmow it-- I love how inspired we feel at that time, the activity in nature all around us! It is so amazing to walk or run at that time-- this gives us something to look forward to.

Viper said...

I guess is putting the beer back was the "healthy" thing to do, then I should congratulate you. Save room for it later. Cheers!

mommie2lea said...

Pearl Jam in Ireland. I'm drooling now....