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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Week and the Gym in Review

So this week I lost another 1.5 pounds. I'm pretty happy with that.

Especially since I had chili and Burger King, and a guacomole cheeseburger (it was a buffalo burger though). But I also put a beer back into the fridge when I had no points left.

I earned 26 Activity Points on WeWa, which I ate all of, plus the weekly allotment of the 35 extra points, plus 7 more. According to Sparkpeople, there really is no one type of food I ate heavily this week (based on fat, carbs, or protein) although I seemed to like sodium, and not like fiber.

And my new favorite drink is Blue Gatorade. I have no clue what flavor Blue is but it tastes good.

My legs are very sore. We have run 6 miles so far this week (1, 3, and 2) and walked 2.5 miles. I still have 10 more miles to run through Sunday. D and I are getting used to running after dinner, but neither of us likes it. We make up lots of excuses but eventually get ourselves to the gym.

And I finally realized why I look at my feet on the treadmill. Or notice so many people. Yesterday my options for TV reading (Closed Captioning) was something on Bravo about Launching a Clothing Line (like I care), Fox's American Idol (like I care), and MSNBC's Keith Oberman (I didn't think the gym would like me throwing a remote at the TV to break his ugly face (sorry his left streak makes my blood boil as much as Bill ORiley's right streak). So I looked at my feet while running. D watched a basketball game, but I couldn't see it because there was a beam in the way.

A guy got on to the mill next to mine. I'm not sure what he was doing, but he made me laugh. He went 3mph for a minute, then went 7mph for a minute, 3mph for a minute, then 9 mph (his trainer was calling out the mph). He nearly fell off. And he complained to his trainer his pants were falling down (he only had them pulled up to his butt to begin with, not over his butt). He really was only on the mill for 4 minutes but I enjoyed those 4 minutes. I couldn't tell you what he looked like except he had on TH boxers "under" his white Nike Basketball shorts (what I could see looking down).

The guy on the other side of me thought American Idol or the Launch the Clothes show was the most hilarious thing. I found it funny that someone could laugh that hard reading a TV show. He wasn't on long. Maybe 10 minutes of my run. Ashame, because he smelled very nice. He also had very tan legs, a woman's shaped butt (he has some meat on those cheeks), and WHITE (as in blinding) socks and shoes. I mean brand new socks aren't this white.

And then it was over. I finished my 2 miles. So happy...

Today I told work to sign me up for the Triangle Tri!


RockstarTri said...

There are different flavors of Blue. I only know this since I always get the wrong one for my daughter (blue is her favorite flavor too). I like old school yellow (or is it green) or orange.

Have you tried G2 (the lower calorie version)? Might save some points. I never got used to the G2flavors.

Well done on the 1.5 and signing up for the tri.

Julie said...

Woohoo on making the comitment to do the tri!

Java Joggers said...

Your comments on what you noticed at the gym cracked me up! People are funny when you really watch, aren't they? One of the funniest/strangest things I've seen lately was a guy running in a 5 mile race... it was an out and back part of the course, and he was way faster than I was, but when we passed by each other, I noticed he was running with his eyes completely closed... for some reason that struck me as hilarious... of course I could have just been a little delirious from actually exerting myself while running!

Delane said...

woo woot wtg slim!

yeah it took me 3 days to recover from c25k day one..so I know how the sore legs feel..but its a good feeling :-)