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Sunday, January 3, 2010

23 degrees?????

So after doing nothing yesterday (oh wait, I worked on a Saturday), I decided to be productive today. D and I went to Einstein's for our breakfast date. That is one of my favorite times of the week. Then he went to work so I went to the grocery store. It was freezing. About 18 degrees.

And my head ached. No, still no hangovers for 2010. Yesterday I went to take Scuttlebutt for a walk. He thinks walks are the best thing ever, so he ran into Guinness, ran around her, jumped over her, nearly knocked me down, and body-slammed himself into the front door. I got him to sit down, and then bent down to get his leash off the floor (isn't that where you keep yours?). So, he got re-excited and jumped up. Now I don't know if he bit me or his teeth just landed into my forehead, but the loudest F-bomb was dropped. Let's just say the walk was not a very good one, especially since he didn't do his business.

Anyway it now looks like I have a zit, but it I flex my forehead, it kills. So a nice bruise is forming.

Ok, so back to this morning, I went to Kroghetto. I spent about 30 minutes in the vegetables and 10 minutes in the rest of the store. Came home and relaxed until SB decided to play with my hands and bit my arm. I decided to put him in his cage and take Guinness for a run. Never mind it was 23 degrees. We started. Mile 1 was bad. I really had trouble getting air in my lungs, because it was so cold, and the second half of Mile 1 was a hill. I remember last year when this run was very easy. Anyway we got to mile 2 and I walked for a minute. I would say Gdog walked too, but you know. I run so slowly, she was already walking. Anyway, the only part of me that was really cold were my shins. So I'm thinking I need longer socks. Or just to bare it for the 2 weeks of cold that Atlanta has. Really my hat, gloves, running pants, 1 LS shirt, and a pullover were fine. Just my shins were cold.

Nobody was outside on our run in the 'hood, so no colorful observations. Most people don't tend to sit on their porches or walk to the corner store in 23 degrees. Plus church was in session, so both churches I ran by had full lots.

We got home and I took SB for a cool down walk. He seemed to calm down a bit (once we got out of the door). Right now he is curled up sleeping on my feet.

Tomorrow is his nut hacking. I'm so excited. He is supposed to be a lot calmer once this occurs. We shall see.


mommie2lea said...

Good luck to SB on the nut removal! I hope he calms down a bit after they are gone!

And an amazing OMG to you for running in that weather. You are a braver woman than I!

RockstarTri said...

What is up with the weather?

Up here in YankeeLand, it is 18 degrees, winds gusting to 40mph, and snow flurries going sideways. The high temp today is expected to be 24. Even so, I saw two poor souls outside running.

In contrast, I'm going for a bike ride on my trainer in the basement and perhaps a short run on the t-mill.

I'm not hardcore. You, that might be a different story. Good job.

GeorgiaSnail said...

Seriously! It was 27 down here in Savannah when we headed out for our 12 miler this morning....I will take it over the heat and humidity...but it was still DAMN cold!!!

Good job toughing out your run!

Aka Alice said...

LOL at "nut hacking." Only a woman would call it that (and only another would laugh at it...I bet none of the guys laugh).

You are my hero for running in 23 degree weather. It'd be more than my shins being cold.

Good luck with SB tomorrow. I hope for your sake, it does settle him down some.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Haha! Running in 23 degrees is horrible. I don't care how much clothing you have on, you are right, oxygen still has to go into the lungs in a frozen state. It's not fun when you can't feel body parts...