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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...I suck at them.

So I ran 3 miles last night. Actually 3.11.
I don't remember my time except I had negative splits, and kept telling myself to dig deeper.
It was fast (for me) being less than 42 minutes.
I'll post it later.

The Alpharetta Greenway has receded. I ran it last Friday and the flood waters were at the sidewalk. At one spot it was completely muddy, thus where I decided to turn around. And it smelled. Yesterday there was no smell, lots less water, and a lot of sand. Still some debris.

There is the excitement that is my running.

So now I have my running for the year pretty much sewn up. 2 10Ks, 2 5Ks and a 5 miler.

But the question is... next year?

April 24: Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon or Nashville Country 1/2 Marathon (I want KY, D wants Nashville). He doesn't want to go to Churchill Downs that close to the Derby and not go to the Derby. I think it will be cool to run at CD.

May 10ish: Tri the Rock

June 13ish: West Pointe Tri

June 20: Assateague Assault

June 29ish: Iron Girl

July 12ish: Triangle Tri

August 9ish: Acworth Tri

September 18ish: Tri 2 Remember

So I know I can't do all those Tris (they are all Sprints). I know D will be training for an Olympic most likely. So now I have to figure out which ones to do. Decisions, decisions...


Delane said...

I'm thinking about the April 1/2 in Nashville.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Decisions on next year are fun...I like planning

Kym said...

And . . . you're hooked! I thought you might be -- I am. We haven't planned past the first tri of the season, though. I'm debating the 1/2 here in Feb. -- I just suck at running.