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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tri 2 Remember Triathlon in Pictures

Friday afternoon...Transition Arm Tag and Garmin Charging

What should I wear?

Goody Bag

Saturday Morning, my stuff

2 Pups who want to Tri

Checking my tires

V and me checking my tires

Turning on my Garmin

D, me and our friend J

V, D and me

Me coming out of the swim

J cheering D finishing!

J finding me on mile 2 and running with me. Trying to pass Jesus.

Me at mile 2.5.

Coming up to Mile 3. D and J are still running with me. The rain started really coming down, again.

Me finishing

V's bike, and all of our shit which was all completely soaked. It rained the entire time. D and my bikes were yet to be put on the bike rack.

V, D and I celebrating at home

Celebrating out

Out with M, B me and V. D took the pic. It was also M's birthday...so double celebration!

V and D some hours later. We were still celebrating!


Aka Alice said...


Turff said...

Awesome job, congrats!

RockstarTri said...

Congrats. I'm sure that there was much more celebrating than the picture show. In fact, it is probably still going on :)

Well done!

Anne said...

ok, you made me cry at the end, especially about your grandmas! FANTASTIC JOB ALLISON!!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great job!!!

Blooming Orchid said...

Great job and congratulations!! Keep up the great work.

I love all your pictures, but especially the picture of you trying to pass Jesus. Hilarious!