Weight I have lost

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The scale has moved...

Of course it has been moving all along, but July was a month of eating out every weekend (we weren't home any of them), and thus I thought 9.8 pounds lost was the best I was going to do. After weeks of counting calories, limiting beer (gasp), exercising and eating right, I have finally lost 10.4 pounds. Since when you ask? Oh since I joined WeWa online in October of 2005. At one point I had lost 17 pounds, but that was last year. So each milestone (5 pounds) I think of the last time I was here, and today, I can say I lost 2009 vacation weight. (I use WeWa online and Sparkpeople...why both? Because WeWa has me in to pay $16.95 a month...no actually, just counting calories doesn't make me stop eating, but points do...at the same time WeWa doesn't know what to do with a person who gains 40 Activity Points a week. So I combine them).

Yesterday, D and I went for a bike ride. It has been a week since we were on our bikes and it seems like it had been 3 months. My legs were like lead. We saw 4 deer on our ride, so that was cool. I really thought we were going very slowly, but we were at my normal pace, 10.7mph. Overall there was nothing very exciting...I had trouble sitting, my shoulders felt off, and I felt slow. The one thing we noticed is that I need to work on turning. Our ride is an out and back, and when I get to the out, I actually don't pedal to turn around. So one more thing to think about. And that hill is getting way easy.

Today is a swim. It was supposed to be a run as well, but 5AM came way too early. Can you tell I'm not a morning person? I'm not crazy about the swim. With all the rain and lower temps, I'm not sure what the pool temp will be. Oh well.

Time: 56:18 (bike)
Mileage: 10.05 (10.71 MPH)
Calories: 560
Max HR 169
Avg HR 140
In Zone 10:58


SeeGirlRun said...

Whoo hoo! Don't you love it when the scale moves!

Missy said...

5AM can suck it! Yay for you. Scales are the devil, I swear.

Kelly said...

Congrats on all the exercise! I was wondering why you choose sparkpeople too...? I am also on WW online and consistently get 35+ activity points and I never know what to do with them...so if you could let me know why you chose sparkpeople over anything else that would be great! Thanks and keep up the good work!