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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend 10 DONE!

Why did I choose Sparkpeople, was asked last time. Since I already pay the WeWa thing...simply put, it was free. Some of my friends use Daily Plate. I found SP before DP and I don't like change.

So back to Week 10. A swim and a bike ride were skipped.

So on Friday I had a bike ride planned. But everyone left work early, and I didn't feel like waiting around 4 hours for D. So I went home. It took almost 2 hours to do that. So while watching TV, I fell asleep. When he got home, I was not functioning and thus workout skipped.

Saturday, I got up and at the ass crack of dawn, (630) and got dressed. I think I disturbed D since when I muttered I couldn't find my shorts, he got up, whipped them out of the dryer and got back into the bed. I finally got out the door at 7. Walked a bit waiting for Garmin and then went on my way. I ran 6 miles. Definitely better than I ran the 4 miles on Thursday. Nothing terribly exciting, just some hills, and flats. No dogs were out and my paranoia of being robbed didn't come into play. I saw D in mile 4. He does a 3 mile route twice, where as I start a route and then just run around. So actually I also saw him in mile 5 in a totally different section.

We both ran 6 miles, and then off to Georgia Tech. We stopped at the rib joint with some friends. I don't like the rib joint, the one we like doesn't open early enough, so D smoked our ribs Friday night. So we had a few beers, and then said we would see the friends in the game. We went off to the new fraternity house. It was pretty nice. A little work to be done, but very nice. We drank and ate. D made some stellar ribs. Then we went off with some other friends there and instead of going to our seats we sat with them. We were talking about something random and this bitch of a woman turns and starts yelling at my friend. "I've put up with your foul language for 2 years. There are small children here. You need to watch it. Does it make you feel like more of a man to use the f word? I've had these seats for 7 years and you will not ruin my season this year." I have never seen my friend speechless. Never. With my mouth agape, I looked at him. He was stunned. None of us could say anything. Now as what we were talking about...how GaTech has PSLs and we all thing they are utterly stupid. If the f-word was said, it wasn't f this or f that. If was like GaTech has a f-ing PSL and I'm not paying it. Not that that way is any better, but none of us remember hearing or using it. Next, kids around...they were 3 seats over and the parents were oblivious to us. Next, have you been stewing about this day for 10 months? Couldn't you just turn around and say, "Excuse me, could you refrain from using the F word? I would appreciate it. Thanks."

Anyway, because my other friend who is never at a loss for words wasn't there, when he got back we told him what happened. Then he used another term the rest of the game, it rhymes with pig sucker. So we really felt obliged to sit in the seats and not go to friends, "Well it has been a great time, but we're going to leave you now." Plus we wanted to see if there was any more of a showdown. Friends' next door seat people (the people who sit next to friends) called them "Potty Mouths" but that was only because they were like us with the WTF did we say to cause so much bitterness.

So we go back to the house when the score was 31-10 or something. Sat around for a little while and then D and I went home. We proceeded to drink a vast quantity of beer, and although we got up for a breakfast date, we didn't get up to drive 50 miles to go to the tri-bike course. Sunday we mulled around and were lazy.

Monday, we drove up to Gainesville GA. We couldn't find the park (with the clearly marked sign), but we knew we were on the bike course (open road), so we drove it. I immediately was intimidated. We found the park, and got ready. I decided I needed to use the rest room so we went there. I barely got up the hill. I did my thing and D said ok let's go.

Back to the main road. The first hill seemed a mile long (mile 1.5 to 2). It took me 8+ minutes to go that mile. I pedaled and felt like I was going nowhere. I got honked at and it made me feel nervous. But I remembered what my friend V said, "If you act like you belong on the road, then you do." So this gave me some confidence. I FINALLY got up the hill, and and the rest of this street was ok. There were minor hills but not that bad. We turned and immediately started downhill. I don't mean a slight thing. I mean like descending down a mountain (mile 3). Which meant guess what I had to go up. I changed gears which pretty much stopped me and I had no momentum to go up this thing. I got off the bike (mile 3.5). D asked why I didn't pedal when I went down the hill. I said because I was scared. He laughed. Since he was behind me, he had to walk up the hill too, because I messed up his speed. We got up this hill (I think we were about mile 4). It took over 10 minutes for this mile. We got back on the bike, and went down another. I had more trouble. Back off the bike. Another mile 8 minutes. Finally got over that one, and back on the bike. The next part of the ride was decent. One of my miles was less than 4 minutes. We rode over something that was part of the 1996 Olympics, but I don't know if it was a road race or water, as the sign was on the bridge and didn't specify the sport. This part of the ride, I reminded myself I belonged on the road, a lot because there was no shoulder, no passing lane, and cars were passing very closely.

The final part of this road was up a hill to a light. I did what I hate when bikers do it. I got to the top of the hill, and saw a car coming and went anyway. I knew I wouldn't be able to pedal if I stopped. Luckily he had good reflexes. The next part was a drawn out incline which I cussed. We were now in mile 10. I got up it though. Then back to the last road before the park. I was trying hard to remember to pedal down the hill to get momemtum up. One of the last hills, I should have been able to go up, but my legs decided they no longer wanted to work (Mile 11). So walked half-way up that one. What was weird was D said the next hill was bigger and I flew over that one (the graph says otherwise). He also said, and I concurred that when I change gears my feet slip off the pedals. Too late in the game to try clipless. He also said I may want to stand up to go up hill. I just looked at him. I have trouble standing up just to adjust my butt on the seat. And he also told me he can see through my tri shorts. Very nice...So we did finish the ride of 12.6 miles in 1h22m. We put the bikes on the racks, drank some Gatorade and went for a 2 mile run.

The run was what I expected. It took about .5 miles for me to be comfortable on my legs and go from my short shuffle gait to my regular shuffle gait. Overall, despite the time, the run felt very fast and I felt I could easily go another mile. D gave me some nice support of "I have no trouble knowing you will have no issue on your run."

We finished our run, and had more gatorade. Then we went to B's lake house and swam in the lake (more like lounged on noodles) for a few hours. So relaxing even in the freezing water.

Overall a very nice day.

Time: 8:45 (walk)
Mileage: .36 (24:18 min/mile)
Time: 96:13 (run)
Mileage: 6.0 (16:00 min/mile)
Calories: 1205
Max HR 179
Avg HR 157
In Zone: ?? (was it 1m:o3s or 1h:o3m)

Time: 82:17 (bike)
Mileage: 12.6 (9.19 MPH)
Calories: 892
Max HR 174
Avg HR 154
In Zone 34:34

Time: 2:53 (walk)
Mileage: ..1 (28:50 min/mile)
Time: 31:43 (run)
Mileage: 2.01 (15:46 min/mile)
Calories: 28+??? (forgot to turn HRM off)
Max HR 172
Avg HR ???
In Zone: ??

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Tammy said...

Niiice. You are a magnet for crazy people. And, watch your F*cking language!

Great brick! I don't pedal downhill either, but I don't ride my bike much.