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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ear worm for the day

Rock-n-Roll, Hoochie Coo.

These are the only words to the song I know. But over and over they play in my head.
No signifacance.

I now know how to change my bike tires and get them off my bike. I went to a class yesterday and it was hands on. So I actually did these things, not just watch.

I have one day left before the tri. I'm so nervous. I told my friends I am more nervous for this than I was for my wedding.

I have stopped reading my emails today because I have gotten some really stupid ones scaring me to death about the tri. I know I'm pessimistic, but one of the ones I got was "Are you excited? Are you scared of hitting a pebble or somethign and crashing?" WTF kind of question is that? Just freak me out a little more. I mean really. Let's point out all the things wrong with tomorrow and tell Al. Seriously folks...

OK, so I'm freaked and nervous, and cleaning and doing laundry. I am going to go get my number in a half hour, so ahhh.


GeorgiaSnail said...

You are going to rock this thing...remember to take the time to enjoy it...you have trained, you are ready....

Missy said...

You are ready, think zen, happy thoughts, save those 'nerves' for race day where you can channel them into power and energy. People who don't know say stupid shit.