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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Excuse #85802345856

Did I swim yesterday? No. Actually, I didn't do the planned Brick from last week either.
After coming off my 5K on Saturday, Sunday I couldn't get out of bed. I was boiling where clothing was covering me, freezing where it wasn't. I think I slept 18 hours. Monday started off the same way. But by 7pm, I felt fine.

So why no pool? Surely it couldn't be that it was only 68 degrees outside. No...

Because I had to go see Depeche Mode.


Anyway, there was a bit of concern on Monday, from BFF M since 2 of our friends couldn't make it. She thought that D and I wouldn't go. I think I would have worn a snuggie to go.

So, I got home around 5 yesterday, oblivious to the fact that M doesn't drive downtown, and perhaps might have needed "directions" on how to get to my house. Seriously...on one part of the highway, if you don't get in the far left lane, it will take you an extra 20 minutes at rush hour. So she gets to our house, and asks for a beer (it only took her 1.5 hours to go 30 miles). Again oblivious to what is in my fridge, I tell her we have none. D asks me if I'm on drugs. I open the fridge and say, "We have none." There were at least 12 beers in the fridge. M looks at me like I'm nuts, and gets a beer. By now I feel bad because I'm thinking she is thinking that I didn't want her to have a beer, but honestly I'm just a moron.

She drinks that, and off to Thai. Yum. Fun and good. We leave and the waiter chases me down. More moron stuff...I left him the unsigned copy of the bill. Honestly, you can't take me anywhere.

We get up to the venue just as they open up the side lot for parking. Score, no waiting in line. Park and get a beer. M texts her friend C who came by himself. So he came and sat with us. Concert was great. D Grahan sounded great, although he couldn't sing for long periods of time. Considering he had a cancerous tumor removed in Mid-May, hey... M Gore sang D's and my "song" (and about every other couples song too). Not a lot off the newest album.
I wish there hadn't been a sound ordinance as I could have listened to them for another few hours (and they still wouldn't have gone through their library). I danced, M danced. D stood there. Oh and remember Breakfast Club where Claire (M Ringwald) dances in the library. She dances better than I do. My arms seem frozen at my sides. So yes, I cannot dance, but I do anyway.

We left after the show. Walked back to the car at about 1125. We were home by 1135 and that was because I hit 2 lights. So much fun.

And M asked for a bottle of water (she knows that we almost always have bottled water in our house...up until about 4 weeks ago, when I started using the filter in the fridge and a water bottle). I told her we didn't have any. D pulled a bottle out of the garage fridge. Let's all say it together, "Al is a moron."


Leah said...

Awwwww! Give yourself some more credit. "Al has other things on her mind than hydration. Like Depeche Mode."

SeeGirlRun said...

Well I don't know what a brick is but I do know Depeche Mode - that's from MY era!! Perfect excuse for missing a swim! (we rarely buy bottled water anymore either...)

mommie2lea said...

I'm so jealous! I would have loved to see Depeche Mode... so worth skipping your workout IMHO!