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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brain Dump

So yesterday was a 5 miler. Because I didn't want to deal with people of the hood, I went to the gym. My treadmill was taken (an end TM) and the other end is a different kind and only allows 60 minutes max. So I don't use that TM on a 5 miler. So 3 people were on the 90 minute treadmills, and they weren't spaced correctly. It was going to be like going to the urinal (according to D), and I would have to be next to someone. Not really paying attention, I chose a TM that didn't have an emergency stop. Well, dummy me doesn't know how to stop the TM any other way. So during my .3 mile warmup I'm trying to figure this out. There is not stop anywhere else on the TM. There is a pause, so that's how I stopped. I'm smart like that. At that point, the lady on the end was done, so I got off my TM and got on the end one.

The run was good. I ran 10 minutes, walked 1 minute for 56 minutes. Then ran the rest. Drank a lot of Gatorade, but it was a 69 minute run, which is back to what I had been running before a few weeks ago when I started bitching about my time.

I came home. Applied for a job. It said, "PLC Exp a plus." I applied. The recruiter emailed me asking, "Do you have PLC experience?" I explained I did and how I did, how much I did, and everything else. He writes back, "The company wants 5+ years." (which I don't have). Now, if the company wanted 5 years, then why doesn't the want ad say they want 5 years.

D came home and did some laundry and realized the washing machine was broken. I think I cried about our washing machine until 4AM. I mean, really when is it going to end.

This morning, I wrote recruiter back thanking him for his time. Then I laced up my new shoes. I put them on my feet. They pretty much felt like my other shoes (they are the same model/color...New Balance 1123). I wasn't all that enamored. I think it is because D had about 700 miles on his shoes when he got new ones and was all, "ahhh." I had 410 miles on mine. Anyway, back to the gym. Fastest 3 miles ever. 37:30. And I know where I can get faster.

The right shoes (ontop of my Snuggie)

The left shoes (notice my wear on the one shoe...the big white spot on the almost verticle white line). This is always the foot that hurts.

Afterward, I went to Lowe's and bought lightbulbs. I told D I was buying a washing machine, but when I looked at them I got overwhelmed. Who buys a Washing machine for $1500? And I hate the dryer because it is front-loading so why would I get a front-loading washer. On top of all this, I didn't know what size our machine was, so I went home. I changed 2 lightbulbs in the garage/basement, and then got needlenose plyers and took an old lightbulb stem out of the outlet (the bulb had broken off like the first month we moved in 3+ years ago). I was careful not to touch my hands on any metal while doing this (because no I didn't turn off the breaker). Then I looked at the garage door opener on D's side, because it hasn't worked for about a month or 2. One wire was out. Put that back in, and got my remote. It worked (his door didn't work with either remote). Hooray. D no longer has to open the garage, pull the car out, go back in, close the garage and go out the door.

I came inside and Scuttlebutt had been sick all over his crate. Poor boy. The pollen is getting to him (A bad pollen count is about 100. Atlanta's today was 5900! Everything is green). I just looked at his crate pad wondering how to wash it without a washing machine. At about 2pm, I decided to just wash it and let it air dry (the wm doesn't spin). Well the washing machine spun if you turn the dial past the spin notch. Who knows, but it works and I can save some money for now.

D came home. His remote didn't work. I took it apart. Aha! Battery. I went and bought a new one and now it works. So garage work... success!

Oh and Aldi savings this week was $7.40. So I've save $14.70 now!


SeeGirlRun said...

Peeps are awesome. Marshmallow rolled in sugar... How decadent! You are awfully handy around the house. You deserve a peep. Especially after the recruiter wasn't clear. And anyone who can spend on hour on the treadmill is amazing in my book.


Sunflower Kisses said...

I agree. I can't stand being on the treadmill for more than 30 minutes, even with the tv on.
You are handy around the house!

Delane said...

Your one handy lady!!!

wtg on the running! I hate the treadmill, I have around a 15 min tolerance.

Java Joggers said...

I'm impressed with your DIY skills... and the fact that you don't let the other things in your life keep you from running and working out. WTG!!!