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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Shoes and my running bud is taking a break!

So it seems everyone is thinking about shoes today (Marcy and Viper).

Which is odd, because I was wondering when I needed new shoes. Because I don't run marathons, I wear one pair. They are usually under the couch, because that's where I unwind after a run.

They are pretty ugly, and clunky, but the time I went for style (while getting fitted), it took over 2 hours, and 2 pairs of shoes later, I still had no shoes that worked for me.

So when New Balance sent me a picture of these yesterday, I wanted them...

But at $145, and having a pair with only 277 miles on them, I can't get them. BOOO!

So lalalala...yesterday, I told D that no matter what, to make me run when I got home from work. I got home from work, and flipped him the bird, cried and got in bed (I hate Mother's Day more than any other holiday and this years is hitting me particularly hard). After 5 minutes, I got up and slammed all the drawers looking for shorts, and not finding any. D asked what I was looking for, gave me his clean shorts and put on a slightly dirty pair. We finished getting ready and got Po and Guinness ready and then off we went for the poop break/warm-up.

Guinness and I were ahead of D and Po, so we got back to the house, dropped off the trash, and started our standard 'hood 3 mi run. It started out ok. Nothing terribly exciting. Hills, hills and hills. D passed us at .6 miles. We got to the top of the last major hill and Garmin said I had .15 miles to go before I hit 1 mile. Apparently I had not run the standard in so long that I forgot a part. Will make it up later. Guinness took another break, and luckily I had a bag, and someone left their trash can out.

While running I thought that I can't let MD get to me...I just need to live my life. 2 miles down. In the midst of mile 2, my foot starting hurting in the middle, right below the ball of my foot. Definitely I need new shoes, is what I thought. I wonder how many miles I have on these (277). I know they are over a year old. In front of the school, G did her business again. I didn't clean it up, only because what dog poops 3 times in an hour? I had no more bags. Of course there were people there to watch her. I felt like a total tool.

At 2.85 miles she went again. She also wasn't looking good. We got home at 3.15 miles. Time was decent except for the 3rd mile. G's stops were a lot. Got home and gave her lots to drink, but her recovery was too slow. It looks like the standard 3 miles is being moved to the treadmill. It is too hot for her, and I can't shave her, and D doesn't want me running in the 'hood by myself. I can't wait for October when we can resume our runs.
Time: 9:34 (walk)
Mileage: .33 (28:59 min/mile)
Time: 51:10 (run)
Mileage: 3.15 (16:14 min/mile)
Calories: 691
Max HR 187
Avg HR 171
In Zone 7:42


Tammy said...

Awww, maybe you need the new shoes? I like the new style shoes. I want to buy a new pair, too but I still have 2 pairs that have plenty of wear left.

Poor Guinness! The heat is tough to handle for the furry ones. But, running on the TM, blech!

Missy said...

You totally need new shoes if you're feet are hurting - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?;) Does that help your cause in anyway?

Not sure why you hate MD but mine's been gone 10 years and MD sux and I'm not a mommy so I don't have that to even 'override' my loss. Hang tough and get hammered that day, I will!

mommie2lea said...

I am so sorry to hear about Guinness/the loss of your running buddy. Come on, Fall! I am a big fan for other reasons, but now I'll count yours, too.

Also, I found that I had to replace my shoes after about 200 miles because I had seriously worn down the cushioning. Seeing as I am [ahem] bigger [ahem] girl, I think the standard mileage guidelines do not work for me. So please get thee some new shoes if your feet are hurting!

Also, about MD, (((HUGS))) from me. Big, squishy hugs.

Marcy said...

Oooohhh I love the purple ones. YOU NEED THEM!! Really you do! I mean I only get 300 miles out of my kicks, and you're coming up on 300 miles . . .so yeah totally need them ;-)